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Ethereum & Big Eyes Coin in the new year

2022 will be a shocking year for the cryptocurrency market. After witnessing many cryptocurrencies plummet and make headlines. Big names such as Terra Luna and FTX have completely crashed while other tokens hit all-time lows.

As investors struggle to survive this crypto winter, it’s tempting to get carried away with the bad news. The value of the majority of cryptocurrencies plummeted last year, but no one knows when we’ll see light at the end of the tunnel. Investing in can be a wise financial decision.

Buyers and cryptocurrency experts have reason to be hopeful early this year. January was a breakout month for Bitcoin and Ethereum in the midst of a harsh crypto winter that saw job cuts and bankruptcy filings. After briefly plummeting from just over $23,000 to about $22,400 on Wednesday, the major cryptocurrency surged to his January high of $23,501 later that day before falling to its current price of $22,974. bottom.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Do big things

See the big picture

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Do big things

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) ERC-20 coin introduced on the Ethereum network (ETH). The BIG development team is also a big proponent of full decentralization, especially on blockchain. They hope to work with crypto regulators such as Coinsniper and Liquidity Finance to build a reputation for transparency and integrity. This important milestone could increase the popularity of the project among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Big Eyes Coin has worked tirelessly to build all the necessary momentum and generate as much enthusiasm as possible prior to its launch. Big Eyes has raised $18 million as of this writing, marking a strong start to the year. The goal is to raise another $12 million by the end of January. We have attractive bonus codes to help you out. Launched BIGEYES200.

Big Eyes Coin is based on Ethereum (ETH) and uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus process to validate transactions. The PoS protocol reduces blockchain energy requirements by eliminating cryptocurrency mining, which contributes significantly to climate change.

Moreover, as governments and financial institutions work to build a more ecologically sensitive global economic market, speculators are abandoning other PoS consensus approaches. The Big Eyes Coin token is a safe haven for cryptocurrency investors who want to fund their token at the forefront of the renewable energy industry.

Ethereum (ETH) is off to a great start this year

The open-source Ethereum blockchain uses smart contract technology to enable decentralized apps and financial services. The plan was to build a decentralized computing platform for smart contracts, programmable currencies, and decentralized apps that go beyond Bitcoin’s capabilities (dApps). Simply put, Ethereum was built to overcome some of the problems that exist with Bitcoin.

Ethereum (ETH) is off to a great start this year

See the big picture

Ethereum (ETH) is off to a great start this year

Over the past 24 hours, Ethereum has traded at $1,635 with a trading volume of $8.3 billion. The ETH/USD pair has found immediate support at $1,610, and we expect BTC to move higher once the candlestick closes above this level.

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