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Ethereum based NFT founder admits to gambling away millions of dollars worth of user funds

  • Ethereum network-based NFT collection Goobers admitted to stealing user funds through gambling.
  • Goobers NFTs are a collection of 15,000 completely unique and randomized digital collectibles with a total trading volume of 968 ETH.
  • The collection’s founder, DNP3, has been involved in other projects for CLU, Xenia, and Gridcraft and will soon share details of the lost user funds.

Ethereum-based NFT collection Goobers has lost customer funds, and its founders have revealed that they gambled away their money. Founder DNP3 shared the details with her followers on Twitter, informing them that more information about CLU, Xenia, and Gridcraft’s other projects will be available soon.

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Ethereum-Based Goobers NFT Collection User Loses Funds Over Founder’s Gambling Addiction

ethereum The network-based Goobers NFT collection received an update on how the funds were staked by the project’s founder, DNP3. The founder addressed the situation by telling his 637,900 followers that he had lost his savings and investment capital trying to “make big money” at the casino.

Goobers NFTs are a collection of 15,000 randomized collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. The project will start in September 2021 with a total trading volume of 968 ETH, approximately $1.2 million.

DNP3 has yet to share details of the extent of its lost client funds and any recovery plans, if any. I made known my relationship with people in Cryptocurrency The project, the CLU token, the Xenia coin, and the ‘play to earn’ metaverse platform Gridcraft.

In his post, DNP3 wrote:

Last year I became incredibly addicted to gambling. I put every dollar I could find into stake in hopes of winning big. Even with big wins, it wasn’t enough. In the end I lost everything. I irresponsibly used investor funds in addition to my own savings to try to “get my money back” from the casino, which was wrong for many reasons.

DNP3 shed light on the challenges he faces, stating that his addiction began with sponsored streams.based on of the collection Based on lowest prices and trading volumes, it is estimated that millions of dollars worth of funds were stolen in gambling.


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