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Eric Andre and Frank’s Red Hot’s edible NFT is blowing fans’ minds

Eric Andre’s fans love comedians for his weird antiques. However, his recent “edible NFT” promotion related to Frank’s Red Hot evoked a strange reaction from fans.

Towards the end of January 2022, Frank’s Red Hot, a popular American seasoning company, First announcement in history “Edible NFT” and spoofing currency “Bone Coin”.

This release came a few weeks before the United States prepared a snack-rich Super Bowl on Sunday. Frank’s Red Hot is now promoting its quirky tokens with popular comedian Eric Andre.

Photo by Jason Laberis / Film Magic

Eric Andre promotes edible NFTs on Instagram

Eric took him Instagram Recently to promote Frank’s new “edible NFT”.

Comedians can be seen jokingly pouring red sauce onto their cell phones in one photo, and scanning the bones of the chicken wings they ate in the second photo.

caption reading“Have you ever eaten an NFT? I’m also. I tried. And failed. But you? You can succeed. Because @ franksredhot is a wing at We are creating the first edible NFT in history that can be obtained by eating and scanning bones. Eat wings, not phone. “

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This isn’t the first time a 38-year-old woman has been on the trend of NFTs.Last June he Released his weird NFT We call it “unwashable feces”.

“The first NFT created with @mayleetodd and @kyvita will drop to @withFND this Saturday,” the comedian wrote at the time. NFTs are currently owned by anonymous internet users.

How does Frank’s Red Hot “Edible NFT” work?

Like Frank’s Red Hot New campaign, From January 27th to the end of the Super Bowl on February 13th, fans can scan images of the chicken wings they eat to earn so-called bone coins.

You can do so One of the lucky fans who has accumulated the most bone coins can get Frank’s Redhot NFT and its edible replica called “eNFT”.

Aria Kemet, Vice President of Creative and Digital for the company, Said in a statement: “We are excited to offer an edible NFT, or what we call an eNFT, first. Rather than using our Frank’s wing art (both digital and edible). It’s a great way to enjoy soccer.

“Frank’s Red Hot is always on the lookout for the latest trends and is particularly excited to make NFT space available to fans in a cheeky and interactive way.”

Fans react to new comedian collaborations

Most fans were distrustful of seeing Eric promoting a highly controversial NFT. Here’s how some of them responded on Twitter …

Spy Secrets | Official Trailer | BritBox



Spy Secrets | Official Trailer | BritBox





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