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Eraserheads Reunion Concert entourage access utility scored via NFT piece – Manila Bulletin

The dream of every Eraserheads fan is to see the highly anticipated Ang Huling El Bimbo Reunion Concert 2022 concert, just after each band member announced the exciting announcement of the concert at the SMDC Festival Grounds in Paranaque City last December 22nd. to get a ticket. .

The reunion concert was a very good part of the music industry, ending 2022 on a high note with many Eraserheads fans selling out tickets to death.

Luckily for Dr. Apollo Borlasa, Doc Apoll for short, he was able to secure not only regular tickets, but an Entourage Access Pass to the AHEB Reunion Concert 2022. in concert.

A veterinarian, Doc Apoll is a huge Eraserheads fan and has collected band memorabilia over the years. Volunteer to collect blood samples for testing.

I was able to interview Doc Apoll and share his experience on how he was able to secure a coveted access pass via a special NFT with entourage pass perk for the Eraserheads reunion concert he won. I asked you to

Marcus Adlo, aka Punk Zappa, has joined his entourage to give fans yet another chance to participate in the ‘Huling El Bimbo’ experience. This entourage access his utility is his cover of the punk zapper released in the metaverse in 2022, the first issue of his series NFT, his one of his irreplaceable tokens, “We Are the Mongols” linked to.

Hi Doc Apoll, reading your brief profile reminded me a bit of the Punk Zappa character. As a true Eheads fan who heard PZ monologue, you are exactly the same. We both love listening to music, we love collecting, we love OPM and foreign bands, especially heavy, grunge, punk and rock. Plus, you both love going to concerts.

What impact did Punk Zappa and Eraserheads have on your growing up, and are you a Punk Zappa in real life?

Doc Apol: I think all the 90s bangs, especially in high school and college, are related to punk zappers. There is no doubt that everyone knew his Eraserheads, as many of their songs could be heard on every FM radio station at the time. At the time, most bands from schools and students who were learning to play guitar definitely knew how to play Eraserhead songs. You can still listen to their songs anywhere. ganyan sila kasikat in ka-legendary!

Among the members, I’m the Eheads fan that I like the most. What’s your favorite album (or song) in the band?

Da: Yes, including the band I belong to. Of course my favorite member is Marcus Adlo. He is witty and has a good heart. He raised money for the victims of Typhoon Odette through the sale of digital his prints of Eheads artwork. Most Eheads fans (and even his Eheads himself) would agree that his first three albums have always been everyone’s favorites.

What is the most expensive Eraserheads collection you currently own, excluding NFTs?

Da: UEMP signed record. Today, many collectors want it, so its value has skyrocketed.

What was the reaction when Ely, Marcus, Buddy and Raimund released a cryptic image with the “E” flipped on their social media accounts before announcing their reunion? were you there?

Da: It was expected that there would be this reunion in the near future. However, I was really excited when I posted this upside-down letter “E” on each social media account all at once!

Let’s talk about We Are The Mongols NFT. How did you hear about the NFT release? Are you already into crypto? What cryptocurrencies do you trade? How long have you been there?

DA: I follow @punkzappanft on Instagram and Punk Zappa on Discord to stay up to date on Punk Zappa NFTs. I am new to this crypto industry.

In the 90s, we did not see a future where technological innovations such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs fused with art and music. What was your first reaction when you learned how to combine technology and art/music into a collection?

Da: I’m hesitant at first because I prefer physical collections over digital files. However, with today’s technology and innovation, owning an NFT has monetary value (compared to downloaded files). It may or may not be worth more in the future, but at least you own the artist’s original work of art.

Were you there when Marcus Adlo launched the NFT drop in Cubao? If yes, were you able to meet and shake hands with Punk Zappa himself?

Da: I couldn’t go to Cubao, but I will definitely participate in the next exhibition.

Please tell us how you felt when you bid on the NFT and the moment you found out that you won the bid. Also, can you share that process with us? How much did you spend on it?

Da: You bid $310 just hours before the auction ended. It’s about the same price as a mosh pit ticket, so I figured I wouldn’t worry about it if someone bid higher than I did. I fell asleep and couldn’t monitor the bids. When I woke up, there was a successful bid notification. The rest is history.

What are your plans with NFT? Resell? or keep it?

Da: I’m definitely going to keep it, but I’d like to consider doing business with someone who can provide memorabilia of really rare E-heads.

What made you interested in that particular NFT? Is it because they gave the Entourage Pass a shot? Or is there a specific reason why you bought the We Are The Mongols NFT?

Da: The Entourage Pass sparked my interest. I already have a physical copy of NFT, but it’s in calendars and digital prints purchased from Punk Zappa himself.

If it goes on sale again, would you buy it again?

Da: yeah, sure.

Coming back to the concert, what was your unique and memorable experience during the concert? Were you satisfied with the playlist or did you feel ‘bitim pa’? If you have the chance, would you watch AHEB World Tour? ?

Da: “Underrated, over-delivered”. They gave me a backstage pass as well as my wife and daughter! They also provided a photographer and videographer to document our entire experience. Another unique and memorable experience was watching with Moonstar88 throughout the concert. The setlist was very satisfying, especially the first set, playing the entire Cutterpillow album in exact order, like listening to a cassette tape in 1995. on one of their upcoming world tours. Or, realistically speaking, kahit sa rehearsals lang.

How was standing in front of idols?

Da: I always see Naman at each of our live shows, but seeing them together makes me feel nostalgic for my high school days.

Did you get a chance to talk to them backstage? If yes, what did you talk about, what did he tell Marcus Adoro when he started releasing NFTs?

Da: Yes, everyone except Ely. Sayan because I didn’t get a chance to take a picture with everyone at the meet and greet. Thank you Marcus for this once in a lifetime experience. We chat with each other regularly, so we didn’t talk much at that moment.

As a rock music fan, what can you share with other fans who are eager to meet their idols?

Da: If you want to meet them, go to their gig. They are very friendly and kind. Khun Mei Papi Pil Mahan Song Collection, it’s a great time after the show.

Also, as an NFT collector, what can you share or how would you advise anyone interested in trading NFTs and cryptocurrencies?

Da: Especially if you are a fan and collector of E-heads, you must own the first piece of digital art of this kind by Punk Zappa.

Thank you Dr. Apol. It was a pleasure to get the answers to these questions. If you still need to add, please do so. Maybe a short message to Punk Zappa, Eraserheads and his NFT enthusiasts.

Da: Idol Marcus Adlo, thank you for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Congratulations to Eraserheads on your epic show! I hope we can take a picture together. For all her NFT enthusiasts, the Punk Zapper NFT is worth collecting as it provides utilities like exclusive access to Punk Zappa.

To see more of Punk Zappa’s NFT collection, visit

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