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$ENJ: Coin Bureau on Reasons to be Bullish on Ethereum-based Gaming Altcoin ‘Enjin Coin’

Host Coin Bureau of Popular Cryptanalysis and Market Commentary Show Announces Long-Term Outlook for Game Altcoin Engine coin ($ ENJ), which acts as a “utility token” for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

and guide Binance Research, published in May 2020, described Enjin Coin as “ Blockchain gaming product ecosystem. “

It went on to say:

“”Enjin Coin (ENJ) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency used to directly support the value of next-generation blockchain assets. We aim to become the “gold standard for digital assets.” Enjin has created the open source ERC-1155 token standard. This allows game editors to convert different types of assets, such as currencies, real estate, digital art, and game items, into tokens that can be used in blockchain applications.

“”Enjin has built a complete ecosystem for on-chain applications. It is integrated with the open source token standard and has its own blockchain explorer (EnjinX). Enjin focuses on recruiting non-blockchain participants with a variety of professional solutions.

“”Non-substitute assets (ERC-1155 tokens) can be backed up with EnjinCoin. Some of the use cases are proof of ownership, compatibility with the Enjin ecosystem, their actual value (because ENJ tokens are traded on exchanges), and tangible features (to redeem ENJ tokens). It may be destroyed). With the support of many NFTs by ENJ tokens, their adoption will lead to an effective reduction in the supply of EnjinCoin.“”

According to a new YouTube update, Coin Bureau host Guy is bullish on the long-term forecasts of the Ethereum-based game Altcoin Enjin Coin.

Guy cites data from Etherscan and claims that it has over 162,000 unique addresses holding $ ENJ, providing a “significantly wider token distribution” compared to similar gaming projects such as: did. sandbox ($ SAND). Guy noted that despite his popularity and the market capitalization of $ ENJ more than doubled, $ SAND contains only about 100,000 unique addresses. According to Guy, engine distribution was somewhat isolated from market dumps because the coins weren’t concentrated in a limited number of wallets.

The Coin Bureau host also emphasized the adoption of Enjin. He says it is in a position to benefit from a wave of excitement for blockchain games and non-fungible tokens.

As report By Daily Hoddle, Guy said,

Blockchain games and NFTs are in the very early stages, but the future of Enjin, JumpNet scaling solutions, and Polkadot-based parachain Efinity certainly looks pretty bright.

Guy calls Enjin a “pioneering” force in the field of blockchain games and NFTs, with a strong team of leading architects and developers. He predicted that crypto assets would “stay here” for quite some time, and said he would closely track projects for new developments.


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