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ELYSIAN, Jan Zakin Team Up to Launch Inaugural NFT

NAPA, Calif., August 2, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ElysianWomen-centric media platform is proud to announce the first collection of NFTs designed and created by a collective of female creators at Zakin Family Estate.

ELYSIAN’s goal is to connect a vibrant community of readers – skilled, curious, enthusiastic, educated women over the age of 40 worldwide – with the burgeoning Web3 space, the still infancy It’s about adding diversity to a staged market.

Featuring a total of 41 unique NFTs, the collection is inspired by Jan Zakin, OB-GYN and co-owner of Zakin Winery. Zakin is her ELYSIAN Inspiring Woman and is on the cover of her Fall 2022 Travel & Technology issue of the magazine.

Men under 35 dominate the NFT and cryptocurrency markets. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, a unique digital asset Ongoing record of ownership.

Former prosecutor and judge Karen Floyd, founder and publisher of ELYSIAN, said, “Women have a dynamic and discerning eye when it comes to the arts. “We are breaking the glass ceiling that separates us and giving women the opportunity to become key participants in the Web3 space.”

A November 2021 analysis by Art Tactic revealed that women only make up 16% of the NFT market, while 5% of female artists account for all NFT art sales. Most women who own NFTs are under the age of 40.

Zakin, who is in her 60s, remembers being told when she was a little girl that a woman should be a nurse or a teacher. We have a history of taking bold stepsShe continues to practice gynecology at the San Francisco Free Clinic and serves on NASA’s Institutional Review Board. She and her husband John released her first wine in 2016.

“Just like wine gets better with age, works of art grow in value over time, and I am proud to be a part of ELYSIAN’s digital art collection,” said Zakin. increase. “When you buy an ELYSIAN NFT, you get more than a unique digital image. A unique aspect of the piece’s provenance.”

Individual NFTs in the ELYSIAN collection are $1,000 and pre-sale is ongoing. Select NFT packages range from $5,000 to $10,000, and exclusive Reserve Tier NFTs will be auctioned this weekend at the Zakin Family Estate in Napa Valley. Bidding for Reserve Tier NFTs, including a magnum of Zakin Reserve Wine etched with images inspired by ELYSIAN’s fall covers, paintings and more, starts at $25,000.

Each NFT in this first collection is adorned with a chic circuit board design, bridging the gap between the print and digital worlds.

“Women are like an endangered species when it comes to NFTs and the crypto space,” said Jackie Dutton, head of marketing and communications at FYB3R. The way is to get help and inspiration from women who have set an example, like Karen and Jean, who have paved the way under the same obstacles and opportunities.”

ELYSIAN NFTs also act as all-access passes, some with Zakin wine gifts, tickets to upcoming events, and other perks.

For more information, see: readelysian.com/nft.

Media Contact: Jason Spencer
864-596-7501, jason@thepalladiangroup.com

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