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Elon Musk Could Give Us A Twitter Edit Button, Would That Be A Good Thing?

Musk’s Twitter poll on the edit button may become a reality, but does that mean we can rewrite the history and change the quoted tweets?

in the meantime Elon Musk May have gained enough influence twitter Is it a good idea to add an edit button? In a whirlwind of activity over the past few days, Elon Musk challenged Twitter’s stance on free speech, asked about the new platform, announced the reacquisition of Covid-19, promoted SpaceX and Tesla, and We have invested heavily in Twitter and have begun investigating editing. button. This is an amazing sequence and ends with a jab in the painful place of Twitter, the edit button.

Of course, Elon Musk The driving force behind Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, Neuralink and other major technology companies. A significant amount of marketing and coverage of these ventures is generated by Musk via his Twitter account. The viral effect of over 80 million followers amplifying the message gives Musk a strong voice on a variety of topics. Today, his social media strengths are huge at Twitter’s board of directors. After buying enough stock to become Twitter’s largest shareholder.

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The edit button was a popular request from users, with a “probably never” response from former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal quoted Musk’s poll, pointing out that this was an important decision and demanding that users vote carefully. Timing suggested that musk might have a strong influence on Twitter’s immediate plans.Specifically, the weight of the largest shareholder and future board of directors member You can make the edit button a reality just by pointing out the overwhelming results in the vote. Twitter vote So far, it has shown over 3.2 million votes, with 73% supporting the edit button. Almost certainly a deliberate typo, but the “yes” vote was mistyped as “yse”, suggesting that Musk probably wants the ability to fix such errors. .. The Edit button can cause problems This is because Tweets are currently immutable and serve as historical records. If it changes, it will be possible to rewrite the history. On the other hand, there are ways to mitigate this problem.

Good Twitter edit button?

Elon Musk with Twitter logo

What does this mean for Twitter, given that “probably never” has become a real possibility? The answer depends on how it is implemented. When a tweet becomes editable More than a day after posting, problems can occur to anyone who interacts with the tweet. Retweets, comments and likes are probably attached to edited messages and can completely change their original meaning. There are some simple solutions. One is to limit the amount of time the edit button can be used to reduce the possibility of misuse. The edit button is great for fixing typos if you’ve been allowed for perhaps a minute after tweeting.

Another solution is to have a small indicator, such as the Facebook solution, that indicates that the tweet has been edited so that you can see the original content. If dramatic changes are made, they cannot be done secretly.Edit button Don’t ruin Twitter This is taken seriously by the company if treated with any foresight. But this turned out.Since then, it may show more important changes and faster updates coming to Twitter Elon Musk It is a change maker.

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sauce: Parag Agrawal / Twitter, Elon Musk / Twitter

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