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ECOMI ($OMI) has a hefty investor who is a Dogecoin millionaire 

  • Dogecoin Millionaire has a large investment in ECOMI ($ OMI)
  • VeVe is an app-based marketplace for getting popular collectibles
  • GoChain first powered VeVe in December 2021

On Sunday (March 6th), Glaber Contessoto, who calls the local area of ​​cryptocurrency Dogecoin Millionaire, is very bullish on VeVe and its local token $ OMI, the NFT collector stage by Singapore-based startup ECOMI. I talked about why. ..

VeVe is an application-based commercial center for premium certified advanced collections. With VeVe, you can get regular, unusual, or prominent computerized collectibles, tweak and show them in the virtual display area, or buy, sell, and exchange collectibles with other VeVe clients. You can do it. ..

VeVe is DC, Cartoon Network, General Motors, Givenchy, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, it’s just the beginning.

Market NFT

In a blog entry distributed on June 24, 2021, ECOMI clarified the reason for the $ OMI token. Exchanges within VeVe’s computerized collectible stage are supported by OMI tokens complemented by an ingenious consumption and repurchase framework, taking into account NFT offerings.

To the extent of additional impetus aimed at marking future open doors and amplifying both the usefulness and shortage of tokens, OMI tokens are needed for application activities while expanding incentives. For token holders that continue to provide a range of usefulness within biological systems.

The opportunity for the iconic era of $ OMI will occur in May 2019, with an absolute stockpile cap of 750 billion tokens, of which about 450 billion will not be widespread. VeVe was initially controlled by GoChain (for example, $ OMI was a GO20 token), but on December 14, 2021, all VeVe NFTs were relocated to Ethereum for Immutable X and recently $ OMI. Tokens have also been moved to Ethereum.

Dogecoin buy

In April 2021, Glaber Contessoto invested over $ 180,000 in Dogecoin on February 5, 2021 when $ DOGE was exchanging about 4.5 penny after investigating CNBC’s MakeIt on image digital money on Reddit. He said he did.

Contessoto said there are three main reasons why he chose to invest resources in Dogecoin. (1) He worshiped a group of Dogecoin people on Reddit. (2) He liked the image of the Shiba Inu. (3) Elon Musk’s Dogecoin support.

Contest used all of its reserves because CNBC didn’t have the discretionary cash flow to buy Dogecoin, but sold all of its shares, including some of Tesla and Uber, to sell the application. Cash from Robin Hood through.

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Curiously, some of the subtleties he believed he bought with Dogecoin were different from everything he told CNBC about the article distributed on April 22nd.

One dollar is equivalent to one diamond, isn’t it? You can buy Bounty Pearls on stage and buy NFTs, but you can’t actually sell them and return them to dollars … still included in the application.

Along these lines, they make a way for you to have the option to remove it from the application later, and OMI substitutes gems for you for you to exchange things. Therefore, it will make it much more useful and more expensive.

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