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eBay jumps into digital collectibles market, launches first NFT collection

eBay has become the latest company to officially enter the non-fungible token (NFT) market. The multinational e-commerce giant has announced the launch of its first NFT collection with a series of NFT drops to be created.

eBay has partnered with OneOf, a sustainability-focused Web3 platform.The collection is made up of exclusive NFT It features a 3D and animated interpretation of the iconic athlete’s Sports Illustrated cover. Tokens are created with Polygon.

The “Genesis” collection features Canadian ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky performing his signature move on ice. eBay and OneOf will drop even more collections throughout the year. Collectibles are layered as green, gold, platinum and diamonds, starting at $ 10.

and press releaseDawn Block, vice president of collectibles, electronics, and home on eBay, said the company recognizes that innovative NFTs and blockchain technologies are active in the collectibles arena. .. Therefore, this launch is based on the company’s commitment to providing high value items to its customers.

“Through our partnership with OneOf, eBay makes the now coveted NFT accessible to a new generation of collectors everywhere. It provides the eBay community of buyers and sellers with high passion and valuable items. It’s based on our commitment to do, “says Block.

Lin Dai, CEO of OneOf, added that the partnership with eBay will bring. Web3 technology To “the next 100 million non-cryptocurrency mass consumers”. Please note that users do not need to be digital currency experts to buy, sell and collect NFTs.

eBay plans to adopt more blockchain technology

eBay Reuters.. This makes eBay the first e-commerce company to take advantage of the NFT enthusiasm. We plan to roll out more blockchain-driven NFT capabilities in the coming months.

Although it is more advanced than other e-commerce companies in supporting NFTs, it has already been cut off by numerous digital currency native NFT marketplaces. And this is not the only traditional company to enter the NFT market. For the past few weeks Instagram When Spotify We also announced our own NFT integration.

Similarly, the company is also developing a soft spot to accept digital currencies.that is Before Uncovering rumors that it will start accepting digital currency payments, the company says it is now ready to accept digital currency payments.

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