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‘Durmientes’ Aims to Be One of the First Films Funded Fully With NFT Sales in Latam – News Bitcoin News

The new film Durmientes, directed by Mexican filmmaker Gibran Bazan, aims to be fully financed through a series of non-fungible token (NFT) sales. Sold on Metaown, a Mexico-based NFT marketplace and designed by artist Gabriel Colin, NFTs feature 3D models related to the film’s storyline to benefit their owners.

Durmientes seeks success using NFT-based funding model

Cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are migrating to other industries that can take advantage of their properties and technology. A new Mexican film project, Durmientes, directed by filmmaker Gibran Bazan, will produce a set of his NFTs that will be sold to finance the film.

The film’s fundraising team will issue 1,500 NFTs featuring key objects from the film’s script. These are made in 3D art and offer important benefits to their owners, such as helping shoot movies or appearing in scenes.

Director Gibran Bazan believes these new technologies may change the financing landscape for the film industry.about this he said:

Part of this new world and Web3 opens up the panorama to creators because they are now people, not big companies with projects. Distributed content.

The 1,500 NFTs will be sold via Metaown, a Mexico-based NFT marketplace. However, neither the price of the NFT nor the amount the film will need to raise has been shared.

similar efforts

Durmientes’ NFT funding initiative is one of the first in Latin America, but other projects are already looking to tap into the NFT market for film funding. Niels, the executive behind films such as Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman and his producer, Mr. Jules, founded his NFT studio on the same premise last year.

In an interview with The Guardian, Jules said His idea is to democratize the funding stage for indie films, and with Hollywood’s focus on blockbusters, this process can pose many challenges.

Other projects are going in different ways. zero contact, movie The movie starring Anthony Hopkins was released as NFT and copies of the movie sold for $90,000. His NFT characters from the Bored Ape Yacht Collection will also feature in his upcoming interactive trilogy. movie Developed by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

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