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DraftKings NFT: Reignmakers Football Week 13 Web3 Doodles

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Week 13 Web3 is here! We’ve cleared the floor of the projects with the most participants in week 3 and made them available for this week’s prizes. Are you a lazy lion? Well, you are in luck. Because when we wipe out the competition this week, Lazy Lion 5106, 6256, and 2294 are up for grabs in his CORE competition. For RARE, mfers 7135, 8526, and 9744 sit atop the leaderboard, so you should be mfer. Cool Cats (2059, 8155, 1044) are also available in the Elite tier and Doodles (2200, 3936, 6702) are available in the Legendary tier. Last but not least, Jimmy’s Trial is coming soon, so make sure you get Mutant His Ape (MAYC) if you want to add another great NFT of his to your collection.

For more information on the Week 13 Web3 promotion, visit DraftKings landing page.

Doodles are a collection of 10,000 cartoonish NFTs, best known for their pastel colors and distinctive “rainbow nausea” feature.

First launched in October 2021, the collection quickly rose to notoriety in the NFT industry thanks to the collection’s founder’s long-running web3 presence. Evan Keast, burnt toast When poop.

The project solidified itself as a web3 brand to watch in late 2021, but continued its ascent to the top tier of NFT projects in 2022.

In March, the collection partnered with Shopify to wow tech enthusiasts and other attendees with physical merchandising and display at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas.

A few months later, the project is back in the spotlight When it announced the hiring of former Billboard CEO Julian Holgin.

Holguin, who was hired to help grow Doodles IP across music, gaming and entertainment, has a few more executives until the announcement that another prominent music executive, Pharell Williams, will join the organization as a board member. I was only in the Doodles organization for a month.

Around the same time as the news of Williams joining the project’s board, the team also shared important details about the final expansion project. Doodle 2.

While the first Doodles collection only has 10,000 NFTs, the goal for Doodles 2 is to generate millions of potential NFTs with the Dooplicator (free NFT claims for owners) and Genesis Box NFTs (open auction). to promote the Doodles brand to targeted consumers.

Recently, the Doodles team has been working hard to expand the brand We shared details about our $54 million funding round and the release of our final music NFT..

The lowest price for Doodle is 6.99 ETH at the time of writing.

Disclaimer: The authors or members of the Lucky Traders staff may own the NFTs discussed in this post. Furthermore, no information contained on this website or the Lucky Trader mobile application is intended as financial advice and should not be understood or construed as such.

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