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Donald Trump Says He Launched NFTs for the ‘Sort of Cute’ Art

Former US President Donald Trump said he decided to launch the NFT collection because he loves art and thought his images were “kind of cute.”

In a recent interview with One America News, the two-time impeached commander-in-chief and former television personality said Trump’s digital trading cards weren’t an investment, but rather an artistic endeavor. I said yes.

playing cards launch Earlier this month, we announced our NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Trading Card, hinting in advance as a “big announcement”. people criticized When the $99 Polygon NFT dropped, many Trump supporters said they wouldn’t buy it. Search for watermarks From a stolen stock photo of the image.

“I loved art,” Trump said in an interview. It was set like a record. It was incredible.

The digital trading cards were advertised as “features of fine art”. [Trump’s] Life and Career”, which depicted him in poses and costumes such as an astronaut, cowboy, and superhero.

When asked why he chose to launch NFTs at a time when the overall cryptocurrency market was sluggish, Trump said he “didn’t see it as an investment,” but said, “They’re cute. I thought,” he said again.

NFTs — tokens associated with digital (and sometimes physical) things like art and music —exploded last year.However, as the cryptocurrency market entered a bear market, interest in the asset weakened.

Purchasers were offered perks such as meetings and dinners with former leaders.Playing Cards NFT Collection sold out in a day, But the lowest price since soaked Because people have lost interest in tokens.

So far, the collection has earned a total of $9.6 million in secondary sales. according to to the crypto slums.

Trump, who served as President of the United States from 2017 to 2021, announced In November, he was scheduled to run again to become America’s leader in 2024.

This time last year, his wife Melania Trump release Solana NFT. A few days later, Trump responded by praising his partner’s idea, but added that cryptocurrencies are “very dangerous.”

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