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Donald Trump digital trading cards ‘major announcement’ relentlessly trolled online

Donald Trump recently shared an “important announcement” on his social media platform, Truth Social, offering the “Official Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards” collection or 45,000 Fantasy Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for $99 each. announced that it will be released in

The cards feature various pictures of Trump wearing a superhero costume, cape, and “Trump Champion” belt. The token will reportedly be minted on Polygon and can be purchased with Ether (ETH) or fiat currency.

The former president also shared a promotional video alongside the announcement featuring an animation of him standing outside Trump Tower and shooting lasers out of his eyes while tearing his suit off. super hero costume.

A new post from Mr. Trump❣️2022/12/16 (Japanese date) Big announcement!! My Official Donald Trump Digital Trading Card Collection is here! These limited edition cards contain the amazing ART of my Life & Career. Collect all your favorite playing cards digital trading cards and

In the clip, Trump can be seen saying that he is “hopefully” America’s “greatest president ever”:

“Hello everyone. This is Donald Trump. Hopefully your favorite president. Better than Lincoln, better than Washington. I have an important announcement. I’m the first official Donald J Trump NFT collection. We’re doing it right here right now. They’re called Trump’s Digital Trading Cards.”

The politician went on to explain that the card featured “incredible artwork” about his life and career. He also shared that digital cards can be collected like baseball cards and other collectibles.

There is no more hilarious video today. Let’s spread Trump’s humiliation everywhere.

Trump also said each card would come with a “sweepstakes” that would give buyers access to special deals with the former president, including Zoom calls, a golf session with the collector and two friends, a one-on-one meeting, and a dinner. We shared that you will have the chance to automatically experience great experiences such as Cocktail Hour in Miami and Cocktail Hour at Mar-a-Lago:

“Each card automatically comes with a chance to win a great prize, such as Dinner with Me. I don’t know if it’s a great prize, but that’s what we have.”

As the announcement went viral online, netizens took to social media to troll Trump’s new venture and share their hilarious reactions to the NFT’s launch.

Former first lady before President Donald Trump’s official NFT project melania trump had already launched her debut NFT collection almost a year ago under the name ‘Cobalt Blue Eyes’.

Twitter reacts to Donald Trump’s digital trading cards

Twitter responded to Donald Trump's NFT launch with a hilarious meme (Image via Getty Images)
Twitter responded to Donald Trump’s NFT launch with a hilarious meme (Image via Getty Images)

Earlier this week, donald trump tells its followers, “America needs a superhero,” and launched its first official collection of 45,000 non-fungible tokens or digital trading cards. It includes photo-enhanced artwork of the former president in his animated superhero.

The announcement immediately sparked a hilarious response online, with many responding on Twitter with funny memes and remarks.

Donald Trump released the NFT collection today. Playing cards digital trading cards are $99 each. This should mark the bottom right, right…

As promised, we have a big announcement today. We are releasing a series of $99 digital trading card NFTs. @Donald J Trump Jr crying to sleep at night

The official digital trading card collection of Donald Trump is here.Only $99

“My official Donald Trump digital trading card collection is here! These limited edition cards include the amazing ART of my Life & Career. —— Career?

“My official Donald Trump digital trading card collection is here!”

No matter how bad you feel about yourself, remember that there are gullible idiots who spend $99 on Donald Trump *digital trading cards* today.

The release of Donald Trump’s digital trading cards comes after the former president said in July 2019 that he was “not a fan” of cryptocurrencies.According to the official website that sells the cards, the proceeds from the sale will not be used for Trump’s campaign but will go to a company named NFTs INTLLC.

The website also posted an animation announcing that the cards reportedly sold out within a day of their announcement. The stock price of Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC), the acquiring company (SPAC), is said to have fallen about 7% after the announcement.


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