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DOJ-Accused Crypto Couple’s OpenSea NFT Accounts Have Disappeared

An OpenSea spokesperson did not respond to three emails from BuzzFeed News requesting comments on the account and Wednesday’s deletion. Morgan and Lichtenstein did not respond to requests for comment via Twitter DM.

When I try to view the NFT created by Morgan, I get the following pop-up: “The item you tried to access is no longer available in OpenSea. It cannot be viewed or accessed by anyone browsing the marketplace.” The message is on the platform. Help CenterIf the NFT determines that it “infringes protected intellectual property, encourages suicide or self-harm, incites hatred or violence against others, and corrupts or destroys other individuals.” NFT explains that it will be delisted. [or] Otherwise, you will violate our Terms of Service. “

OpenSea’s Terms of Service states that “Use the Services to purchase, sell, or transfer stolen, fraudulently obtained, unauthorized, and / or other illegally obtained items.” Forbidden.

Lichtenstein wasn’t particularly active at OpenSea, but Morgan created and sold an NFT for his album cover. (Twitter users have noticed that NFT prices, which were originally displayed for hundreds of dollars, reached six digits yesterday.) You can also collect some information from the transaction log before deleting it. increase. It is clear that Morgan was transferring money to Gemini, USDT, and wrapped Ethereum via the Ethereum wallet.One NFT purchased by Morgan Transferred to her account Only a few hours after she was arrested.

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