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‘Dogecoin Millionaire’ Explains Why He’s ‘Heavily Invested’ in ECOMI ($OMI)

On Sunday (March 6th), why Glaber Contessoto, well known in the crypto community as “Dogecoin Millionaire”, is “very bullish” on VeVe, a Singapore-based startup NFT collector platform. talked. ECOMI — And its native token $ OMI.

What is VeVe?

VeVe is an “app-based marketplace for premium licensed digital goods.” With VeVe, you can “get common, unusual, or unique digital collectibles, customize and display them in virtual showrooms, or buy, sell, and exchange collectibles with other VeVe users. You can do it in the palm of their hand. “

VeVe joins his favorite fandom with officially licensed premium 2D and 3D digital models and artwork from the world’s largest brands such as DC, Cartoon Network, General Motors, Givenchy and Warner Brothers. Providing the world with new ways to interact, such as Universal Studios. “

and Blog post Published June 24, 2021, ECOMI explained the purpose of the $ OMI token.

“”Transactions within the VeVe Digital Collector Platform are backed by OMI tokens complemented by an innovative burn-and-buyback system based on NFT sales. With future staking opportunities and various additional incentives designed to maximize both the usefulness and shortage of tokens, OMI tokens can be used to operate the app while maximizing the value of token holders. It provides a variety of utilities within the ecosystem that continue to be essential.“”

The $ OMI token generation event was “held in May 2019 with a total supply cap of 750 billion tokens”, of which nearly 450 billion “will not be in circulation”.

VeVe initially used GoChain (that is, $ OMI was a GO20 token), but on December 14, 2021, all VeVeNFTs were migrated to Ethereum. Immutable XAnd earlier this month, $ OMI tokens were also migrated to Ethereum.

Who is “Doge Coin Millionaire”?

April 2021, Glauber Contessoto Said CNBC’s “successAfter learning about memetic cryptocurrencies on Reddit, he invested over $ 180,000 in Dogecoin on February 5, 2021, when $ DOGE was trading for about 4.5 cents.

Contessoto said there are three main reasons why he decided to invest in Dogecoin. (1) He loved Reddit’s Dogecoin community. (2) He liked the “Shiba Inu” meme. (3) Defending Dogecoin by Elon Musk.

“We didn’t have any disposable income to buy Dogecoin,” Contesoto told CNBC, “not only did we run out of our savings, but we also sold and borrowed all of our shares, including Tesla and Uber. Invested in margin by. ” Money from Robin Hood via the app. “

April 16, 2021, he took him to Reddit Position The subreddit “/ r / dogecoin” was titled “Hey guys I just be Dogecoin millionaire”.

Interestingly, some of his Dogecoin purchase details were different from what he told CNBC about the article published on April 22nd.

“”I bought about 5 million Dogecoins for about 4 cents on February 5, 2021 🚀 69 days later April 15, 2021 – I became a millionaire …“”

He told CNBC that he has no plans to sell his Dogecoin holdings immediately.

“”My plan is to get 10% out when it reaches $ 10 million … things like this will continue to grow.“”

Last month, Contesoto provided updates on his life and crypto investment in an episode of Graham Stephan’s “The Iced Coffee Hour” podcast.

Here are some highlights from that interview:

  • He quit his job at a LA-based music company last year, focusing on brand growth and focusing on his new full-time career as a crypto influencer. He is also planning a move to Las Vegas.
  • He hasn’t posted much in the past few weeks due to health issues, but in December 2021 he was able to earn $ 9,000 from the YouTube channel.
  • As for the future of Dogecoin, he remains “super bullish” and believes it will work “in the long run”.
  • He worked with a company developing crypto debit cards that would allow owners to spend $ DOGE on any merchant that accepts Visa.
  • He still holds all the $ DOGE he first purchased at Robin Hood in April 2021. He currently holds about $ 4 million in $ DOGE coins. He wants to increase his $ DOGE holdings to 5 million coins.
  • He is currently “doubling” on various other crypto projects (except for his second largest crypto holding, $ FLOKI).

Dogecoin Millionaire explains why he is “very bullish” at ECOMI

Yesterday (March 6th), Contesoto released a video on his YouTube channel talking about ECOMI, VeVe, and VeVe’s utility token $ OMI.

“”I have a large investment in VeVe networks with them and what do you think they are doing on the VeVe platform? So I would like to talk about OMI within the scope of this video. We will also share some of what we know about OMI and why we are bullish on OMI …

“”OMI is actually an abbreviation for ECOMI, which is a Singapore-based technology company in the field of digital collectors. They created VeVe … VV is a marketplace that sells NFTs with well-known licenses such as Disney, Marvel, 007, DC Comics, Coca-Cola, USPS, Ghostbusters, Universal and more.

“”OMI is actually a utility coin behind VeVe … when I say, I have a large investment in ECOMI. That’s because they invest a lot in what they create, what they create in VeVe, and how it’s happening, and how I see it. Watch it get bigger and bigger in the future … because I see NFTs getting bigger here in the last few years.

“”You can see that the collections in that space are large. I see people investing more money in it, and VeVe is just a great platform. I personally invested about $ 50,000 in ECOMI … this was just before integrating with the Ethereum network they currently have … I’ve heard rumors that they may be affiliated with Coinbase. rice field. I don’t know if that is true. … There are rumors that it has the ability to exchange jewels. Jewels are … used to allow the VeVe app to buy and sell collectibles …

“”A dollar is equal to a jewel, isn’t it? You can buy lots of gems on the platform and buy NFTs, but you can’t actually sell them and return them to dollars … it’s still in the app. So, they are creating a way you can get rid of it from the app in the future, and OMI will exchange gems for you to buy and sell, it will give it more utilities and for that. Let the price go up.

“”So I’m very bullish on OMI. I’m very bullish on VeVe. I’m very bullish on NFTs and now everything feels depressed … the crypto market is right now in the dump … does that mean the NFTs will be gone soon? No, NFTs will stay here and NFTS will only grow in relevance and popularity here in the near future.“”


The views and opinions expressed by the author or those mentioned in this article are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial, investment, or other advice. Investing or trading crypto assets carries the risk of financial loss.


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