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Doge Wow Club Launches Blue Chip NFT Collection on OpenSea Platform

The company has released a highly collectable 3D Doge character. This makes the world smile. It has the potential to become a leader in future NFT spaces.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, December 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/- Doge Wow Club We are pleased to announce the official release of the NFT collection on the popular OpenSea platform.

Doge Wow Club is an excellent NFT collection developed from the concept of creating world-class 3D Doge characters. This collection is a collectible art portfolio that brings to life the famous 3D character Dogememe, created by artists and engineers specializing in blockchain and 3D animation / concept art.

In the latest news, Doge Wow Club is excited to inform the public that the collection has officially been added to OpenSea, the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace. The company is currently releasing many variations of 3D Doge characters, and more variations will be released in the future.

“With the official launch of the Doge NFT collection at OpenSea, we look forward to joining the already growing Doge Wow Club community with NFT collectors and becoming part of our team driving future design.” Said the director of the Doge Wow Club at Stephen Nelson. “When I first saw our art, it was fun to see the smiles of the well-established Doge community and the newcomers to the NFT space. Our main goal is always to see the artwork in the NFT landscape. We are looking forward to continuing our industry leadership in this area by raising the bar of quality. “

In addition to launching at OpenSea and developing Level 3D Doge characters, the company’s executive team is currently evaluating the Metaverse plot to acquire land to build the Doge WowClub infrastructure / NFT display experience. ..

To encourage investors to support their new collection, the Doge Wow Club will be hosting a Christmas Doge Drop every night from now until December 25th.For more information on exciting events, see the company’s twitter page.

The collection was officially released on December 6, 2021.

For more information on Doge Wow Club, see the company’s OpenSea collection at: https://opensea.io/dogewowclub ..

About Doge Wow Club

The Doge Wow Club was founded by the company’s directors, Stephen Nelson and Sean Weins. Both are experienced entrepreneurs with a strong executive background, successful growth and construction of great companies, leading teams of excellence and always striving to bring value.

Stephen Nelson
Doge Wow Club


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