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Disney And VeVe Announce Mickey Mouse NFT Collectibles

Disney and its reputed NFT partner VeVe continue to bring legendary IP to the world of irreplaceable tokens.This week, the two announced Their latest release, Mickey Mouse NFT.

This is the latest in a series of top tier IPs that will be your own NFT. Take a look at the latest news from the VeVe Marketplace and what you can expect from this next NFT.

Disney’s latest release

Let’s rewind a little about how we got to this point.It all started VeVe partnership with Marvel in June.. The relationship between Marvel and VeVe continues to grow today as they are working on the next Deadpool NFT release. However, since then, the NFT Collectable House has continued to expand its partnership with a focus on expanding its relationship with Disney.

Disney first hinted A new set of NFTs released in October, Entertainment Monsters aimed to increase the offering of digital products with the successful release of Marvel NFT. However, even in that report less than 60 days ago, there was little information to work on what the actual IP Disney was trying to extend to NFTs. Legacy properties have just been announced to be part of the latest Disney + promotions. Since then, VeVe and Disney have begun rolling out Star Wars and The Simpsons NFT up to Disney + Day last month.

Now they are swinging out with more heavy hitters for their latest release, the Mickey Mouse NFT Collection. The first series is titled “Steamboat Willie” and has a black and white Mickey Mouse on the deck of the steamship.

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VeVe utilizes it's in-house blockchain protocol, ECOMI, to power environmentally-friendly NFTs with a primary focus on collectibles centered with impactful IP and brand recognition. | Source: OMI-USDT on

VeVe’s continuous brilliance

VeVe does not hesitate to work with the largest and brightest IP. Besides Disney and Marvel IP, we’ve seen VeVe partner with some non-traditional yet influential properties. United States Postal Service, etc. – Utilize iconic images around stamps (one of the most historic collections in existence).

The platform recently partnered with Immutable X to integrate VeVeNFT with the Ethereum network. VeVe’s recent Disney NFT sold out quickly, for example, the recent resale of the Simpson NFT is making a lot of money. The NFT community is broadly hoping for similar results in future releases of Mickey Mouse.

This latest release of Disney and VeVe will be open to the public on Wednesday, December 22nd at 12:00 PT on both iOS and Android VeVe apps.

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