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Discovering a New World: Immutable-X powered MMORPG Search For Animera launches Distinctive Whitelisting Experience

Find Animera is a next generation AAA interplanetary conquest and exploration MMORPG. Set in a galaxy far, far away, twisting a cosmic tale of unique planets, new life forms, and the exploration, conquest, and colonization of vast resources, all presented with great graphics and highly engaging gameplay will be

Within Animera’s whimsical universe, players navigate the challenges of epic inter-species battles set in the fictional Nubera galaxy, trading within a thriving game economy in an ever-expanding sandbox. . A generated and handcrafted world. The game is set with three different game modes to choose from, each corresponding to a different gamer persona.

The NFT-led project has begun Phase I of its own whitelisting process, Program-X. official discord serverAn attractive yet selective application process that determines future user eligibility for the project Genesis Character NFT Collection, Program-X’s goal is to “involve high-quality, long-term players and contributors to the project, including gaming guilds, influencers, DAOs, and NFT enthusiasts.”

Search For Animera recently announced plans to build on ImmutableX, the go-to blockchain network for building and scaling Web3 games on Ethereum. With this collaboration, Search For Animera will target the wider Web2 gaming market via ImmutableX’s MagicLink tool, along with fast transaction and zero gas fee mining combined with the robustness of Ethereum’s native security. and ensuring that players enjoy the convenience of trading. By offering a much simpler UX, we can seamlessly onboard gamers in the nascent days of cryptocurrency. The user can start playing the game by simply logging into his client for the game. The tool automatically creates a fully integrated, unmanaged Web3 wallet for her.

The project has also partnered with over 20 web3 organizations including: chain linkof VRF & automation tools and Ankr protocol‘s advanced API and SDK have been developed in a relatively short period of time since the project went public in late 2022.

What’s next for Search For Animera?

In Q1 2023, Search For Animera will launch the Genesis NFT Character Collection on ImmutableX. It consists of a variety of characters, appearance enhancements and skins, ships and other ownable in-game assets drawn from escapist lore and gameplay. These NFTs have the added benefit of early access to the alpha and beta versions of the game, and while the entire game is free to play, Genesis Collection character NFT owners have exclusive access to Story Mode gameplay. can be accessed

Search Animera

It’s up to you to shape the destiny of mankind. Will you join the ranks of the Tsalians or answer the call of the Gaian Order? The Nuvera galaxy awaits. Your help is essential in leading your faction to become the ultimate ruler of the galaxy. Be brave and take the first step into the unknown.

Company Name: Search by Animera

Contact Person: Adil Khan

Contact Title: CEO, Chief Growth Officer

Company email: [email protected]


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