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Diancie And The Cocoon Of Destruction Makes Pokemon Uncomfortably Human

Welcome to the review Pokemon movie, which is an overall weekly summary Pokemon Cinematic Universe.. This week we will revisit Pokemon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction. This is the first movie of the X & Y generation and probably the most offensive Pokemon movie ever. The theme of Princess Diancy and her Carbink shows a level of humanity that has never been attributed to Pokemon. This asks many very unpleasant questions about the relationship between people and Pokemon. As has become a bizarre tradition in the last four films, the Cocoon of Destruction also addresses complex themes that aren’t fully prepared to explore: the cycle of life and death. It’s yet another in a series of toothless Pokemon movies, starting with many possibilities, but in the end nothing, and even less.

The cocoon of destruction begins in the Diamond Domain, an underground civilization inhabited only by Carbink and his monarch, Princess Diancie. The diamond domain is driven by a living structure called the Heart Diamond, but as Carbink, named Dace, the princess’s faithful subject, explains, the Heart Diamond soon dies and only Diancie creates a new one. Have the power to do. Unfortunately, Diancie’s diamond-making power is not yet fully mature, and all her components collapse in a short amount of time. Dace sends Diance to find the legendary Pokemon Zerneas, whose fairy aura can give Diancie the power she needs. Dace also explains that he was killed by a mysterious forest disaster many years ago, but Xerneas brought him back to life.

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Soon we are in some wild and unknown territory. Not only do these Pokemon have a personal name, personality, and human voice (which is unusual), but they also have a monarchical society, history, and the entire power infrastructure. I’ve seen a lot of Pokemon with different personalities in the movie, and some like Lucario live like humans, but I’ve never seen such a Pokemon society. Imagine Ash getting lost in the diamond domain and catching Carbink. It’s the same as kidnapping. Now think about the old man Dice, whose gorgeous English accent is forced to fight Charizard. The ethics of Pokemon fighting have always been behind my heart, but this takes it to the next level. I will never catch another Carbink again in my lifetime.

Pokemon Diancy 1

Diancy’s quest to find Xerneas eventually led her to the crossroads of Ash and his friends Clemont, Bonnie and Serena, from which the film turned into such a subtle homage to Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday. Become. When experiencing the world outside the diamond domain for the first time, the princess discovers the joy of friendship, adventure, and self-expression. The trainer takes her to a fine dining restaurant, where she eats at the table with humans while Pikachu and Dedenne eat from a bowl on the floor. They visit a mall in the city of Orsay where Diancie tries on Bonnie and Serena and various outfits. Eventually, Diancie returns his new friend to his home in the Diamond Domain and learns that Heart Diamond has actually died.

Heroes are rushing to find Xerneas in the All-Earth Forest to power up Diancie with a fairy aura, but soon to a group of thieves trying to use Diancy’s power to produce unlimited diamonds. Will be intercepted. Subsequent battles awaken the destroyed Pokemon Ibertal from the cocoon, rampaging and spreading its dark aura throughout the forest, turning people and Pokemon into stones as well.

Pokemon Diancy 2

It is here that the cocoon of destruction lost sight of the theme. In X & Y games, Yveltal is not an evil Pokemon, but an embodiment of death and destruction. Xerneas is its counterpart, the Pokémon of life and rebirth, which together represent the unchanging cycle of life and death. Yveltal is a natural force, not a villain, but the cocoon of destruction casts Pokemon as an enemy, better providing a simple story to realize your destiny and your potential. This has been seen in many Pokemon movies so far. Kyurem vs. Sword of Justice Just before two movies. The life cycle of the Heart Diamond may work in parallel with the metaphysical notions of Xerneas and Yveltal, but instead, Yveltal must be overcome by Diancie to discover his true power. It is a meaningless destructive power that must be done.

And she does: To protect her new friends, Diancie Mega evolves to create a heart diamond that Ibertal’s Dark Aura uses as a shield to prevent everyone from turning into stone. Pikachu was temporarily a victim, but Xerneas appears just in time to relieve Yveltal’s wrath and bring everyone back to life. We never know why Yveltal unleashed his anger, but when Xerneas speaks to it, everything is fine. The thief retires from criminal life and opens a cupcake shop. Everything was resolved, but nothing was said. Even the sword of justice had a message about believing in himself.With the worst movie Victini and the cocoon of destruction like Reshiram / Zekrom Genesect and the awakening of the legend, It’s a movie with nothing.

Pokemon Diancy 3

On the contrary, their story seems to have grown shallower and meaningless as Pokemon movies have achieved better visuals. I know you can’t expect Pokemon to grow old with the audience, but the movie has gone a long way over the last two generations. A series that deals with complex themes with delicate and skillful hands. The Master of Illusions, for example, tackled the inherent dangers of the mass media, and the Unown spell explored loss and sorrow.All movies Black, white And so far X & Y has felt like a mandatory annual entry. All of them had potential, but they continue to miss Mark.

Next week is Hoopa and the Clash of Ages. After that, there’s only one more X & Y movie until the big series restarts. I’m starting to understand why they decided to start over with I Choose You, but I hope they can finish the original series powerfully.

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