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DEI Hasn’t Just Infected the Left

Diversity, equity, and inclusion seem to have entered the bloodstream of American politics, but they are inherited by more than one party. Sure, the Biden administration and its allies have sworn allegiance to this bizarre ideology, but Republicans vowed to fight it are sometimes indistinguishable from the radical left.

So yes, let’s absolutely blame Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) for what he got in the recent omnibus. $477,000 budget so Equity Research Institute You can offer “professional development” (read: “Marxist indoctrination”) to teachers in your home country.

But let’s also recognize creating a DEI. top agenda Every subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee is grossly unserious at best, and perhaps even damning. Such is the case with the US House of Representatives, which has a Republican majority and is dominated by Speaker Kevin McCarthy (Republican-California).

These priorities are not only wasteful and unnecessary. Shame on them too.

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DEI’s durability is undoubtedly due to the apple pie nature of words such as diversity, fairness and inclusion. Who can oppose these ideals? Like the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” Of course it is.

up to you find out The founder of BLM is a committed Marxist raised by an international network dedicated to overthrowing America and its entire system. increase.

The same is true for DEI, for exactly the same reasons. The left likes to hide its agenda behind American twang.

So it’s important to restate clearly what DEI came to mean.What does each of these words mean oppose what we think.

Diversity, according to the Left, is not about celebrating people of different skin colors. It implies a tightly controlled uniformity of views. Just ask Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Florida), who is black and soaring in the caucuses.who sent him recently Illustrated copy of Uncle Tom’s Cabinimplying that he is a racial traitor due to his conservative views.

At best, diversity has come to mean an identity-based approach to social and racial allocation. Naturally, if you only hire people who pledge their love for diversity, you can ensure that your employees are of the same mindset.

Inclusion is a call to the language code as it requires the use of only “inclusive” languages ​​as defined by the Left.the meaning is you can’t wear A t-shirt that says “Jesus saves” at the mall because, as happened recently, mall cops will kick you out because “Jesus is religious and offending people.”

Equity, perhaps the worst distortion of the three, has come to mean that governments must treat people differently because of their race, national origin, or other immutable characteristics. rice field. The goal is to ensure equality of outcome, and this was once the goal of Marxists, not America.

All of this violates American ideals and laws. Diversity is nothing but a quota request that is illegal. Inclusion violates the First Amendment. Stocks violate the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

But it is this ideology that Congress voted to fund through the White House Institute of Equities. This organization is working on “anti-racism”, the brainchild of his Ibram X. Kendi at Boston University. Kendi openly advocates for discrimination now and in the future.

And sure enough, the institute promises to “convene a BIPOC.” [black, Indian, and people of color] Teachers, administrators, professionals, and community members to support and foster meaningful cross-disciplinary interactions that promote and support the development of anti-racist educators, schools, and educational communities. . ”

>>> DEI failed.don’t need more

Yes, you could jokingly argue that excluding “non-BIPOC users” from sessions is a good thing for them. But schools cannot sort people by race. it is illegal.

Federal funding of these programs should be a crime. But at least the White House openly embraces this superstitious gibberish. Republicans are elected by opposing it.

So why is the Capital Markets Subcommittee promise to identify “What are the best practices and policies that continue to enhance diversity and inclusion in the capital markets industry?” Why are other breakout groups doing the same?

Republicans should have no illusions that pursuing these goals will bring peace. Financial Services Commission Chairman Patrick McHenry (R-North Carolina) has already come under fire from liberals for abolishing the subcommittee on the DEI.He said Politico That there are “bipartisan” concerns about the term equity.

He should be credited for abolishing that subcommittee, and he is a vast improvement over his predecessor, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California). But McHenry shouldn’t think that fairness is the only one of his three terms that conservatives take issue with.

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