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Decentralised Metaverse Socialfi Platform Boom Enables NFT Display in Its App Wallet | News

Singapore, January 25, 2022 / PRNewswire /-The latest news and information about cryptocurrencies and NFT projects is better known through Web 2.0 social media companies.ies, tThere is no decentralized social platform available on the market that allows users to own an NFT while viewing it or token assets on the social platform.

The cryptocurrency market is the Internet, So-Called “web 3.0 “. Simply put, the idea is to implement the World Wide Web based on the underlying blockchain technology, with a focus on decentralization and tokenomics that most Web 2.0 enterprises lacked. The concept of Web 3.0 can be very important for social platforms as it enhances the credibility of certain NFT assets or tokens that Crypto or NFT influencers have and leads to the adoption of decentralized social. Platform, “boom“.

Boom, a decentralized crypto community social platform, announced that users and NFT authors can now view NFTs on Boom’s app wallet and platform.Most NFT mobile wallsts To give permission user indicate NFT, No social platform to allow user View NFTs on social platforms and test their reliability for the general public to see. therefore, This is an important update for NFT creators and Web3.0 development.

What’s even more interesting about Boom is that it has many features that are easy for NFT authors and users to use. The most important feature is that users can become NFT creators or KOLs (key opinion leaders) themselves. Users and creators can choose as a paid or free channel for viewers to watch, while creating their own channels to share insights and ideas about the current NFT or crypto market conditions. You can also view NFTs and tokens while sharing your thoughts and opinions about a particular project to give credibility to own the tokens using blockchain technology. In addition, Boom will also accept USDT (tether) and Ethereum tokens (ERC20) in its app wallet, giving users complete control over their tokens or NFT assets to receive, transfer and withdraw tokens.

Besides that, users can view the latest news and trend posts created by creators on the platform. On the platform, trend posts are based on most of the comments posted within 24 hours, and users can also choose from a variety of followers. Users enjoy content created by creators, but can pay tips and subscription fees via crypto tokens or NFTs.

The platform with all these unique features provided by Boom aims to create a social space for the community and users to share their knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Doing so will strengthen collaboration between communities and generate new cryptographic ideas. All the features Boom creates are in line with our vision and goals for the distributed Metaverse socialfi platform, with users and creators playing a central role in this D’app.

Future direction of the boom

Due to the increasing adaptation to Social Fi D’apps and NFTs there There are endless possibilities for the platform boom. Boom will implement many updated features in the coming months with the goal and vision of bringing even more benefits to users and creators.

Given their recent initiative, the boom has recently been $ 1,000,000 Boom Creator Fund This serves as support for the boom contributors. Creators or KOLs that meet the criteria of the campaign can share their funds and display influencer pages on the boom website with other support such as marketing support, influencer NFT rewards, partnership signing fees and more. All of these benefits allow creators to increase their followers and at the same time enjoy the benefits of the boom. During Boom’s two-week launch, the platform already has over 2,000 active users, with influencers such as Crypto Stack, Crypto Gems, and Winkcrypto participating in the KOL100 campaign.

The following features will be added to the roadmap next month: Multi-chain wallet, Create and acquire, distributed data and storage, ranking System, airdrop, Connection with Web 2.0 Media, etc. With all these important updates The boom is Prior to the development of social and NFT revolutionary platforms that will form important structures in the upcoming Metaverse.

About the boom

Boom was registered in Miami, Florida..The company was founded by a group of cyberpunk enthusiasts around the world. United States of America, France, Sweden, England, When Malaysia.. The founding members of Boom have different backgrounds, but have voluntarily gathered from a common interest and vision.

Download BOOM

For iOS users here Download TestFlight and install BOOM. For Android users here Download BOOM.

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