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Decentraland Posts 81% Rise Over The Week, Leads Metaverse Token Rally

Various tokens of the popular Metaverse project have experienced explosive price increases over the past seven days. Bitcoin When ethereumaccording to market data from coin gecko.

MANA, the native token of popular Web3 games Decentralandhas risen an impressive 81.9% this week and is currently trading just above $0.72.

MANA’s biggest rival, The Sandbox, has its SAND token lagging behind. Still, SAND holders have little to complain as the token’s value has surged about 41.8% over the same period and he is now trading just under $0.72.

native token of Axie Infinityis a Pokemon-like game in which players are encouraged to raise teams of adorable creatures and battle them on open-world maps, up 23% last week. AXS is currently trading at $9.06.

Immutable X (IMX) is a blockchain platform that works as a fast layer 2 solution for Ethereum. Simplify NFT creation for blockchain developers. The platform’s native IMX token is currently trading at around $0.62, up 30.5% since last Tuesday.

Immutable X was used as the blockchain of choice by game developer Tinyverse. Tinyverse has begun development on their latest title, a building and management game. Solana but spin out last week Due to a recent network outage, Solana is closely tied to the bankrupt FTX exchange, and has lost more than 90% in value since FTX’s historic bankruptcy.

FLOW is up 33% this week. Flow is a purpose-built blockchain. NFTsWe are currently powering projects such as cryptokitties and the NBA licensed top shot Digital trading card.

According to NFT Data Aggregator crypto slamFLOW-based NFT sales volume exploded a staggering 77% last week, arguably boosting the price of the blockchain’s native token.

Rally of the Metaverse

Like “Web3”, “metaverse” is a broad term that encompasses many things. However, it generally refers to a new digital environment built on top of the current Internet, where consumers interact with the digital world through virtual reality interfaces.

Last week, Apple reportedly will enter this space in the spring with the release of its own headset that combines virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Microsoft head Bill Gates also mentioned the Metaverse last week.he said he remained Unconvinced With Web3 Technology, we believe artificial intelligence is a more “revolutionary” technology.

Clearly, quite a few investors disagree.


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