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Daz 3D Sells Out Its Debut NFT Collection to Shape the Future of the Metaverse

Vancouver, British Columbia When Salt Lake City, January 6, 2022 / PRNewswire / -3D modeling leader Daz3D today announced the complete sale of its first NFT collection, the Non-Fungible People (NFP). This groundbreaking collection features 8,888 unique female and non-binary PFP avatars, artistically rendered in a surrealistic style.

Daz 3D aims to shape the future of the Metaverse with the NFP collection by providing owners with their own avatars. It also benefits from blockchain technology that enhances non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each avatar in the collection is algorithmically created from a pool of over 30,000 different characteristics, making the NFP collection one of the most unique collections ever created. Full of utilities for the Metaverse, NFP avatars can be used almost anywhere that supports 3D characters, from popular video game engines to AR and streaming software, including those used in real time.
In the company’s first NFT collection, Daz 3D chose to focus on female and non-binary avatars, and as the Metaverse continues, people celebrate their uniqueness while encouraging an open and inclusive metacommunity. Emphasized the vision of Metaverse as a method. Develop. Daz 3D has consulted with a wide range of ethnic and cultural experts and organizations to improve expression, eliminate unconscious bias, and pursue more comprehensive avatar standards. With only 16% of the NFT art market representing women, this collection adds a great deal of diversity to the space.
“”Everyone is welcome in the Metaverse, and PFP avatars allow everyone to create digital IDs the way they like. ” Ty Duperron, COO of Daz3D. “”For us, NFP is more than just an NFT collection. NFP is helping to realize our vision for a diverse and comprehensive metaverse. “
The launch was enthusiastically filled by more than a rapidly growing community 40k Join Daz3D’s official NFP Discord channel and have over 19,000 members on NFP’s Twitter account.
“”I am grateful for the wonderful community that has grown rapidly around NFP. ” Jessica Rizzuto, Senior Vice President of E-Commerce at Daz 3D. “”Without them, the launch target could not have been achieved. Their enthusiasm is a great indicator of how willing the community is to accept NFP. We believe that this collection will change people’s thinking about the progress of NFTs. “

The collection is sold out January 5, 2022, .2 At the public offering price of ETH. For more information on the collection, please visit:

About Daz3D
Daz 3D offers a 3D marketplace with content that can be exported to other major 3D software programs and a free software suite that allows artists and designers to build professional-quality 3D scenes with high-resolution stills and animations. Allows you to create. Founded in 2000, Daz 3D’s Digital Marketplace provides enthusiasts and professionals with tens of thousands of 3D products with over 5 million interchangeable 3D assets for Daz Studio and other 3D applications. I am.
Daz 3D creates and pays almost for the most artist-friendly digital marketplace $ 100 million To a global network of contributing artists. Daz Studio users use Daz3D products to create over 20 million images and animations annually. With over 4 million downloads, Daz continues to drive the forefront of digital identity and expression.For more information Daz 3D..

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