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Daz 3D Drops Free Spacebots NFT Collection In Celebration of NFT Day On Coinbase By DailyCoin

Daz 3D Drops Free Spacebots NFT Collection in Celebration of NFT Day at Coinbase

This Tuesday, September 20th, is International NFT Day, and NFT enthusiasts around the world are definitely looking for some fun. Daz 3D, a graphic design company that specializes in 3D art, is dropping Spacebots NFTs. The free NFT collection consists of 9,888 Spacebots with great properties and gorgeous sci-fi backgrounds. Additionally, Coinbase (NASDAQ:) presented a countdown for the Spacebots NFT collection drop, which will begin approximately 10 hours after the publication of this article.

Spacebots NFT Backstory

SpacebotsNFT by Daz 3D comes from an inclusive galaxy where every person’s individuality matters. Together they have fought the evil spirits of Ouchixo for thousands of years. Spacebot NFT heroes are trying to protect Blue Star. To do that, we must embark on a journey in search of knowledge and support. Finally they come back as Legends.

But what happened to Legend is still unknown. They were supposed to join forces for the greater good, but then disappeared. in danger. In order to save herself from annihilation, her NFT hero of Spacebots must fully comprehend the power that the Legends had that paved the way for the future.

5th International NFT Day Celebration

As the story goes, September 20, 2017 was the day ERC-721 tokens officially became NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). So who coined this phrase? Apparently, it was Dete Shirley, CTO of Dapper Labs, who is also the chief architect of the FLOW blockchain. Since then, NFT has carved out endless oceans of digital art, exclusive clubs and communities her membership, collectibles and multi-billion dollar markets.

on the flipside

  • Total NFT sales plummeted to just about 55,000, 10.66% reduction since last week.
  • Spacebots NFTs didn’t get much buzz on Twitter (NYSE:) despite their partnership with the Coinbase NFT Marketplace.

why you should care

NFTs are finally being widely adopted, forming partnerships with established brands, sports clubs, celebrities and social influencers.

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