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Day 2 Of Miami NFT Week Conference Welcomed Billionaire Mark Cuban – CBS Miami

Miami (CBSMiami) – The second day of the Miami NFT Week Conference in Winwood continued to attract hundreds of people, including billionaire investor Mark Cuban.

In January of this year, Cuba also participated in the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami Beach.

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Cuba took the stage and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said he was doing a great job centering on Miami’s cryptocurrency.

“The crowd in Miami is completely different. I’ve never heard screaming or screaming because I know it was like a party talking about NFTs. It’s in a completely different environment. Yes, the mayor deserves a lot of praise, “Cuba said.

As Forbes explains, NFTs are essentially digital assets that represent real-world objects.

This is a common way to buy and sell digital artwork that is often purchased in cryptocurrencies.

The NFT is an irreplaceable token that has exploded over the past few years, and it was clear that thousands of people attended the rally on the first day of the conference at the Manawinwood Convention Center on Friday.

“When it comes to cryptocurrencies, it’s no surprise that it was blown up. I think it’s going to be bigger. I think this is just the first inning,” Cuba said.

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Craig Skilling, Director of Innovation Technology at the University of Florida Memorial, says NFTs or digital art are part of our future and will not go anywhere.

“Digital art is now a place where everyone can go ahead and make money, which will change the way we already have business,” Craig Skilling said.

Some doubt that, but Skilling says that if you haven’t considered a strategy that includes cryptocurrencies, you’ll be left behind.

Cuba echoing it.

“It reminds us of much of the early days of the internet when people rejected websites. So we are now, we are still in the early stages of cryptography and it will just grow.”

The NFT meeting will be held at the Mana Winwood Convention Center from April 1st to 3rd.

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Celebrities from the technology industry are speaking at this event.


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