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Dark Country introduces Daily NFT rewards

Dark Country, who happen to be the team behind the Play-to-Ween game, are generously rewarding the top five players. This is done on a daily basis in the form of his NFTs exclusive. Concomitantly, there is variation in the amount of rarity of rewards offered, with players receiving numerous rewards once they reach the top positions. We will also pursue additions to the ecosystem to gain player attention and engagement.

The Dark Country game itself is a collectible card game.

Includes features to play and earn like tournaments. Players also have the opportunity to gain influence by sponsoring quests involving land interactions.

On their turn, the top 5 players can unlock Hero Cards. However, the player who finds himself at the top among them will be rewarded with Rare cards on weekdays, Epic cards on weekends, and the rest of the players will also be rewarded with Common his hero cards. . These can prove very beneficial to players as they stand to earn more rewards as part of the Dark Country gameplay.

The problem here is that the impact diminishes from day to day. Hero cards are available for land stakes made possible by the WAX ​​Network. These NFT reward cards can be used throughout the game. Additionally, NFT staking increases payouts and regular impact on players.

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