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BO CARATON, Fla., Oct. 3, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CYIOS Corp (OTC PINK: CYIO), a blockchain-focused holding company that operates in cryptocurrency lending and trading, Web3, and NFTs, announced its 10 It was announced on May 4th.thOfficial drop #1 of the Slam-Girl Genesis collection in collaboration with one ofThe Green Web3 Company for Iconic Brands, Artists and Athletes – Ahead of New York Comic-Con October 6-9th2022.

John O’Shea, Cyios Corp Chairman and Immortals Group Director, said: Choosing to partner with Oneof was based on community building, extensive knowledge, partnerships and expertise in selling NFT projects, and the ability to attract eBay’s interest in him to launch his Slam-Girl Genesis Collection on the platform. This is because global audience. Importantly, the Oneof platform, in partnership with eBay, allows buyers of Slam-Girl NFT Drop #1 to purchase using fiat currency and credit cards, making it accessible to experienced NFT investors as well as non-cryptocurrency buyers. will also be able to use Slam-Girl NFTs. and new his NFT investors will join the offering. The Slam-Girl roadmap includes a number of drops, including: The Genesis Collection, Origin Stories, webisode digital comics, and the Generative Collection will all be released by the end of the year. ”

Slam-Girl was created by legendary comics creator and Marvel founder Stan Lee and renowned comics artist Will Megnot, producer and director of Spider-Man Unlimited, X-Men and Captain Planet. Reveal unknown superheroes. A Spider-Man parody, Slamgirl is a young woman in her twenties who is sentient and radioactive Old Her Spider Her bite Her lights Imbue her with super powers.

The collection will be available exclusively on eBay starting October 4th for fans based in the US, UK and Germany. A free Green Tier Commemorative NFT featuring Slam-Girl character her card is now available to fans worldwide.

slam girl

The Slam-Girl Genesis Collection will be released in a series of drops produced by SCUZZLE-SLH, LTD, co-developed with investment/funding partner Immortals Group, and curated by former Marvel Comics publisher Shirrel Rhoades. will be The first drop features various scenes in which Slam-Girl battles her four nemesis from The League of Evil Bastards. This is another villain designed by Stan Lee and Will Meugnot. Each ‘Battle Card’ NFT comes in her three different designs and rarity her tiers: ‘Gold’, ‘Platinum’ and the animated ‘Diamond’. Fans who visit her eBay booth at New York Comic Con can also purchase four of her animated villain wanted poster NFTs. Slamgirl’s ‘Wanted’ poster (1 of 4) signed by Slamgirl’s Creative Her Team Will Her Megnot and curator Cyril Rose when you purchase her one of her event-exclusive NFTs ) can be obtained free of charge.

For more information on the Slam-Girl collection, please visit:

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About The Slam-Girl CYBERspace NFT Collection
The Slam-Girl CYBERspace NFT Collection is a historical treasure trove of never-before-released Slam-Girl characters and superhero franchises co-created by Stan Lee and Will Megnot in the early days of the internet in 2000. A great collection of NFTs based on Former Marvel Comics publisher and former Executive Vice President of Marvel Entertainment, Charrel Rhodes is co-creator of Salm Girl, NFT artist and legendary Marvel animator. , Curator of Slam Girl’s CYBERspace NFT collection, masterfully designed by artist and storyteller Will. Munyo.

About Immortals Group, Pty Ltd
Immortals Group works with IP owners to design, manufacture, market and sell a unique collection of NFTs, including the development of NFT roadmaps and whitepapers, NFT utilities, and establish brands/IPs in a robust secondary market We build communities that are designed to. The company is based in Australia and is a wholly owned subsidiary of CYIOS Corp (NYSE: CYIO), a publicly traded US company. Immortals partnered with his Hong Kong-based SCUZZLE-SLH Ltd. SCUZZLE-SLH Ltd is the company that acquired the creative assets of Stan Lee Media, Stan Lee’s Hollywood-based animation studio.

About One of

Deeply committed to a sustainable and inclusive blockchain future, OneOf is a green Web3 company connecting the next 100 million non-cryptocurrency fans to iconic brands, artists and athletes. OneOf removes technical friction for Web3 by giving fans the option to pay for his NFTs with credit/debit cards or major cryptocurrencies. Creating an NFT on OneOf’s platform consumes up to two million times less energy than a Proof of Work network, and for users, buying an NFT costs $0 in blockchain gas fees. A leader in diversity, more than 80% of his OneOf-curated collections are by minority or female creators.Learn more about

The Slam-Girl CYBERspace NFT Collection, SLH Ltd, or Immortals Group are not affiliated with Marvel, POW!, Genius Brands, Estate of Stan Lee or Stan Lee Universe.

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