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Cyclops avatars Darcel Disappoints and Colette collaborate on NFT collection

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Former Paris-based luxury boutique Colette, in collaboration with silop-style avatar project Darcel Disappoints, has launched a collection of 25 unique NFTs, leveraging NFT’s ability to recreate legacy and nostalgia. ..

10 of the NFT collection Auctioned at Opensea March 20th, 48 hours, price set on Sunday. Five NFTs will be reserved as giveaways for Dour Darcels token holders, nine will be raffles available only to Dour Darcels owners at 0.2 Eth, and one will be reserved for Colette. Dour Darcels is an NFT launched last month by the renowned cyclopeen avatar project Darcel Disappoints and is known for its collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Nike. In addition to NFTs, buyers will also be provided with a custom Casetify phone cover with a name and token. Numbers and NFTs as artwork, and Dour Darcels hoodies. Avatar wears blue and white collet brand apparel such as hoodies and hats, not designer fashion.

A collection of 25 unique NFTs will be auctioned for 48 hours at Opensea on March 20th.

Collet x Durder Cell

This is not the first retailer to find an opportunity in NFT space. In January, British luxury retailer Selfridges began selling NFTs over-the-counter in collaboration with Victor Vasarely and the artwork of designer brand Paco Rabanne. In December, Los Angeles boutique Fred Segal exhibited a physical representation of the popular NFT profile photo project and artwork.

Colette’s pivot to the Metaverse celebrates the 25th anniversary of the boutique’s opening and the 10th anniversary of its first collaboration with Darcel. This is an exhibition that includes portraits of 150 avatars of influential figures such as Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and Steve Jobs. Since then, the two entities have collaborated on various projects, including Ikea’s collaborative collection. This NFT project offers the opportunity to take advantage of the nostalgia of the store by potentially appealing to those who remember its position as a fashion cult destination in fashion. The historic archive has emerged as a fascinating repository of fashion metaverse experiments. Karl Lagerfeld’s photo archive has been registered on the Lukso blockchain.And Sergio Rossi Digitized Some archive designs (not as NFTs).As early as 2019, experimental London pop-ups provided digital fashion Inspired by the looks of historic David Bowie..

“Dour Darcels wouldn’t be like today without Collet. As longtime collaborators and friends, we’re excited to work together again,” said the artist behind the project. Craig Redman said. Vogue business.. “I’m happy to bring a part of Darcel’s history to web3 and work on it.”

Founded in 1997 by mother-daughter duo Colette Rousseau and Sarah Andelman, Colette is considered the first concept store to be known for its strong cultural reputation, fashion, lifestyle and art fusion, concerts and exhibitions. We also held a meeting. This boutique was also one of the earliest boutiques to incorporate streetwear.

In January, Anderman returns to retail After retreating following the closure of the collet.She launched Justa Space Pop-up store It’s a mix of fashion, art and food for Men’s Fashion Week in Paris.

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