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CryptoTRUMP Club – Drop 2, Continues Iconic Limited-Edition NFT Collection, Available Now Exclusively on DeepRedSky Marketplace (Powered by Parler)

CryptoTRUMP Club – Drop 2 is an exciting continuation of the first showcase of the CryptoTRUMP Club’s DeepRedSky (DRS), an experienced utility NFT collection featuring unique and iconic images of the former president. Donald Trump In many situations, he emphasizes and praises the unique personality of the 45th President. united states of america.. Each CryptoTRUM PNFT is also unique and features President Trump with NFT elements with different degrees of collectability rarity, such as expression and styling, background and foreground, clothing and accessories.

The collection and today’s NFT drops are offered to meet popular demands, Parler CEO George Farmer “We are pleased to bring the latest version of the CryptoTRUMP collection to the DeepRed Sky Marketplace and the Parler community for all 45 fans in the United Its personality, tenacity and productivity are just becoming more popular. ”

Owners of the CryptoTRUMP Club Collection also have access to an exclusive Discord channel with leading MAGA influencers, private chat, special event invitations, and MAGAverse (a metaverse community where owners can live in their favorite MAGA). You can experience such as access to. Participate in celebrities and virtual events. The CryptoTRUMP Club Collection has been validated and can be traded on the following secondary NFT marketplaces: Magic EdenProvides the Solana NFT collection.

The first NFT product from the CryptoTRUMP Club Collection was dropped exclusively on the DRS Marketplace last month. This will add more exclusive artwork and commemorative experiences in the coming weeks and months. DRS supports both political engagement initiatives and the NFT collection, which celebrates great moments in politics, pop culture and professional sports. To view or purchase one of the CryptoTRUMP Club Collection NFTs, please visit:

DeepRedSky is now also offering the newly created 3DNFT and its first product from The Banned Bee Collection.Bee’s last tweet,’While supply continues.

About the artist: CryptoTRUMP Club (CTC) is DeepRedSky’s first NFT showcase CryptoTRUMP Club Collection, First released NFT last month. The CryptoTRUMP Club is building the first Web 3.0 community in the United States and encourages 45 fans to join MAGAverse. A total of 10,000 CryptoTRUMPS are offered, each with its own style and attributes.

About DeepRedSky (DRS): The Premium Marketplace provides a compelling yet simple user experience that connects fans and collectors with world-class individuals and brands in politics, media, sports and the arts. DeepRedSky features creators who share the value of freedom of expression and the value of Big Tech and protection from Big.

Media, and big government. DeepRedSky offers creator-to-peer NFTs with varying degrees of rarity, enhancing the digital buying experience through auctions, pack-and-drop, gumball machine schemas, and instant purchases. Collectors can buy NFTs with their credit cards and receive assets from any wallet on the Solana blockchain. See below for more information.

About Parler Inc .: parlor We have a bold vision of achieving freedom of expression, security and privacy through social media and blockchain technology. Over 16 million users have chosen Parler as their social media platform to protect them from the authoritarian forces of Big Tech, big government and cancel their culture. The Parlor uses the First Amendment to the United States as a guide, allowing people to speak freely without fear of being suspended or banned by being labeled as “dangerous.” The parlor is a public city hall that is welcomed by everyone and encourages public debate on various topics. Founded in 2018, Parler Nashville, Tennessee, And a growing global community of content creators. For more information, Or download on iOS App Store now.

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