Monday, September 25, 2023 Announces the Developing of a Solana Based NFT Ecosystem with Real... Announces the Developing of a Solana Based NFT Ecosystem with Real World Utilities

Bangalore, India, March 9, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) develops the first complete metaverse ecosystem in history, built exclusively on the Solana blockchain with real-world use cases. I am. focuses on streamlining the creation, discovery, and distribution of NFTs on a large scale by implementing digital frameworks related to the Metaverse and virtual reality. It also aims to close the gap between CeFi and DeFi, improve capital efficiency and maintain ownership of NFTs.

As the Metaverse landscape expands and new applications are introduced. Market participants are looking for a versatile ecosystem that maximizes the potential of the Metaverse. In addition, the ecosystem needs to provide utilities that can be transformed into the real world without barriers to entry.

Cryptorare’s vision is aligned in that respect and further extended to provide users with a taste of the combination of NFT and VR wins in the real world. Given the underlying technology of Solana, there are no barriers to entry and can create a scalable metaverse. Pillars of the ecosystem

In addition to creating a feature-rich ecosystem, also plans to give users incentives for all transactions that take place in the market. This makes the first ecosystem in Solana that incorporates a transaction reward mechanism.

The Solana NFT ecosystem is growing at an incredible pace thanks to its interoperability, low-cost environment, and fast transactions. believes that Solana adoption will increase significantly in the Blue-Chip NFT project, offering additional transaction rewards to collection creators and active traders respectively, and the number of pump-and-dump scams and rug pulls. I have a plan to reduce.

To enhance the NFT utility, integrates DeFi features such as staking and agriculture with the secondary marketplace. The market will eventually also offer NFT secured loans. You can use NFTs as collateral and use the borrowed capital to explore other opportunities in the real world, which is of great value to long-term holders.

In addition to improving capital efficiency, also emphasizes the decentralized ownership of NFTs through the fragmentation of NFTs. By sharing split ownership, you can take advantage of deep liquidity and improve price discovery. introduces customizable merchant NFT functionality Engage-to-Earn Economy.. Companies can promote their services and products with the help of NFTs to a wide range of cryptocurrency audiences. It can be used to create loyalty programs, memberships, and redeemable coupons.

NFTs serve as QR codes for merchants to scan and verify the legitimacy of their possession of NFTs. NFTs can represent anything on the blockchain, so there are no restrictions on the type of business you want to join the ecosystem. In addition, the Rare Merchant feature streamlines the tokenization and monetization of intellectual property via NFT media. This solves the long-standing problem of inefficiencies in the traditional IP market.

Cryptorare’s Metaverse provides users with a variety of virtual experiences using NFT galleries, Play-to-Earn actions, and exclusive token rewards. There is also a utility-based NFT called Astrosol. This allows users to join and explore the Astroverse and earn rewards for CRYPTOR tokens.

In addition to Astrosol, there is an NFT access path called Metalare Key for The Rareworld. also creates the infrastructure needed to create a 3D environment and allow users to enter data into their Metaverse Land. They can use the land of Rareworld in Cryptorare for marketing and business purposes, or rent it to other explorers for passive income.

Sourav Samantara, CEO of, commented: The integrated, scalable Metaverse ecosystem is of paramount importance to onboard mass and represents the true potential of Web3 “.

Shrijeet Pahi, President of, said, “The digital landscape is evolving at an incredible rate. We spend more time in the digital world in this era and will soon move to the Metaverse. The Cryptorare ecosystem is Build a metaworld that unblocks human desires without any judgment. “

About is a complete Solana-based metaverse ecosystem that includes DeFi capabilities, a 3D virtual reality experience, and a secondary NFT marketplace. This platform facilitates the creation and delivery of content in the vast NFT landscape. It also accelerates VR technology in virtual worlds by enabling NFT galleries and event streaming.

The ecosystem also plans to close the gap between centralized and decentralized financial systems and launch a Metaverse Bank called Metavault through strategic partnerships with Solana Pay and the global CeFi payment gateway giant. I am. Aims to enable platform users to use Metaverse revenues in the real world via EMV chip cards. The EMV chip card will eventually be offered and accepted by millions of merchants around the world. Transactions made. So are you ready for Player One?

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