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CryptoPunk#4156 Sells for $10.2M in Highest CryptoPunk On-Chain Sale

NFT sales continue to grow as CryptoPunk # 4156, the latest CryptoPunk from the Ape collection, has sold for over $ 10 million and is the largest purchase in the CryptoPunk chain.

The rare Ape CryptoPunk has recently sold for 2500 ETH and is the largest chain sale for Cryptopunks creator Larva Labs. CryptoPunk was sold by @ punk4156 (0xf476cd75be8fdd197ae0b466a2ec2ae44da41897)deal with 0x4c1194386e121566b79d1f1dac9ef282348f04f3 For an amount of about $ 10.2M

NFT Rare, It is one of 24 apes CryptoPunks. Other rare collections include the Alien collection, which consists of nine NFTs, and the Zombies collection, which consists of 88 NFTs. Seller, @ punk4156, Paid 650 Since NFT’s ETH on February 18, 2021, there have been bids ranging from <0.01 ETH to 2500 ETH sales. CryptoPunk # 4156 is currently available for 4160 ETH ($ 16.8M) and there are no bids at the time of writing.Seller has Own 6 The NFT was purchased on May 4, 2021 at 44 ETH.

The rarity of NFTs has pushed up prices, and the most expensive NFT to date was CryptoPunk # 7523. sold out $ 11.75M at Sotheby’s Auction in June. Rumors CryptoPunk # 9998 sold for $ 532 million in late October, which owners sold and bought back the same NFT using a flash loan, much like a wash sale. It was an incident.

Lost love case

The previous owner of CP4156 Reportedly Disappointed with Larva Labs, the creator of CryptoPunks, Lack of clarity Surrounding ownership Intellectual property right Held by the person who purchased CryptoPunks. Cryptopunk’s sales totaled $ 1.7 billion so far. according to CryptoSlam.

John Watkinson, one of the Canadian developers of CryptoPunks, apparently wrote for CryptoPunks. Discord channel They will adopt an NFT license Used by Dapper Labs for Cryptokitties.. However, no proof of this is provided in the Terms of Service of the Larva Labs website. The license permits the viewing and commercial use of NFTs with a revenue of $ 100,000. When @ punk4156 Tweet To further clarify from Watkinson, he was not followed and was ignored.

NFT is getting a lot of attention

Non-substitutable A token is an immutable proof of authenticity that ties an owner to a unique item in the digital or physical world. NFT purchases are recorded on the public blockchain.For irreplaceable tokens, especially CryptoPunks Attracted interest From many influential individuals, including wrapper Jay-Z holding CryptoPunk # 6095. Snoop Dogg, a wrapper that owns eight CryptoPunks. And 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams has a punk # 2950. Twitter user @Beaniemaxi is known on Twitter for his NFT collection and holds 233 CryptoPunks. BeInCrypto has created an explainer for CryptoPunks. here..

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