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Cryptocurrency stolen: Hackers bypass security and took about $17,000 out of Katy man’s Coinbase exchange

Katie, Texas (KTRK)-Katey’s man says he’s been out over $ 17,000 after his crypto account was hacked in January.

Ali Raza says he tried to get help from the crypto exchange that had most of the money. So far, there is no solution.

“My main challenge is not knowing if I can get my money back,” Laza said.

Raza says his account was hacked in mid-January. The account was worth about $ 17,000 at the time, and hackers left him worth about $ 26.

“That is, how do you allow password changes and 336 transactions within 15 minutes and steal everything?” Laza said.

Raza says he believes that the stolen crypto exchange, Coinbase, can’t provide a solution and needs to strengthen its security protocols.

“That is, are you saying that you can’t set a security parameter that allows someone to change their password to execute 330 transactions? That’s a daunting task for me,” Raza said. Says.

Since the incident, Coinbase has said it wasn’t their fault what happened to Raza.

“They said to me,’The case is closed, you’re responsible for it.’ I didn’t agree with the statement. I kept pushing it, but what I didn’t get an answer either, and then I decided to upload my information to the FBI’s website, “Laza explained.

Raza said he was using two-factor authentication, but hackers could also access his cell phone.

“We had a security code, but for some reason (the hacker) was able to get around it, log in to the PC and remove all the notifications that arrived on the PC,” Raza explains.

He reported the hack to the FBI and submitted a report to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, but so far his investment seems to be gone.

“I’m confused. My two kids are going to college in a couple of years. The account was a car account, but I don’t know what else I can do,” Raza said. I am saying.

He is passionate about preventing this from happening to anyone else.

“We should do something about these exchanges that we really don’t care about. I mean they make a lot of money from us,” Laza said.

When ABC13 contacted Coinbaise, it said it was investigating the situation in Raza.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office says their investigation into what happened is underway and is being investigated by their financial crime department.

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