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Crypto Hackers & Fraudsters Stole $1.62 Billion in Q4 Alone, Silvergate Cuts 40% of Workforce, US SEC Brings Charges in CoinDeal Investment Scheme

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security news

  • Bug bounty and security services platform Immunephi It was published new report In the fourth quarter of 2022, cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi) total ecosystem losses reached $1.62 billion, accounting for 41% of 2022 total losses in Q4 alone. That’s a 119.2% increase for him compared to his fourth quarter of 2021, when hackers and scammers stole $739 million from him. Across crypto and his DeFi ecosystem, 2022 saw him lose $3.95 billion, down 51.2% compared to his $8 billion loss in 2021.

career news

  • crypto-centric bank silvergate capital We have cut 40% of our total staff, or about 200 employees. Said in Thursday’s filing. “In response to this recent turmoil in the digital asset industry and the resulting impact on our balance sheet, we have taken several steps to ensure the resilience of our business, including rebalancing our expense base. I am teaching. […] Reducing headcount will allow us to continue to deliver a customized customer experience while carefully controlling costs in a more challenging macro environment. “
  • BitDAOa decentralized autonomous organization (Dao) announced that Arjun Krishan Kalsy will head the ecosystem. cloak,modular Ethereum (ETH) Layer 2 (L2) blockchain designed for hyperscalability. Previously, he was Head of Business Development and Growth at . polygon Going forward, he will be responsible for managing and growing the Mantle ecosystem and related partnerships and capabilities, including bringing users to Web3, building the BitDAO and Mantle communities, and attracting developers and entrepreneurs to Mantle.
  • Securitydeveloper of institutional-level blockchain-based financial and regulatory technology, announced Nadine Chakar has joined the company and will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer effective January 9th. state street digital.

legal news

  • Five individuals and three companies tied together in an investment scheme called coin deal billed by US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). “Defendants falsely claim access to valuable blockchain technology and allege that the imminent sale of the technology will provide investors with an investment return of more than 500,000 times.” So, in reality, this was all a clever scheme for the defendants to enrich themselves while defrauding tens of thousands of private investors.” Said Daniel Gregus, Director of the SEC’s Chicago Regional Office, said:

investment news

  • blockchain game company Animoka brand We aim to raise $1 billion to do so. metaverse This year’s investment fund instead of the previously proposed $1 billion to $2 billion. “Initially he was looking at a $1 billion target, but we don’t know yet if it will scale up or down,” said Yat Siu. Said In a Twitter space discussion. “Given market conditions, it could be less than that.”

wallet news

  • Art lovers can now purchase curated digital artwork for home LG Art Lab on LG smart TV blade wallet, Hedera network wallet, Said Announcement.The team worked with Enterprise Web3 solution provider blade lab While introducing this option, LG Electronics added that it remains committed to exclusively providing authentic digital artwork to LG Art Lab through established art sources around the world.

health news

  • NEAR protocolLayer 1 Proof of Stake Network, Said It joined forces with a London-based mental health startup outflow Provide mental health support to members and employees of the Web3 ecosystem. The partnership, which launched in early December, aims to foster mental health in the broader NEAR ecosystem, according to a press release.Next week, NEAR members and employees will receive free mental health support. You are invited to express your interest in connecting with Spill to access the .

Web3 News

  • Solana Foundationa non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of Solana (SOL) The network said it would revive the podcast with a new name and focus called Verified. Discuss. NFTs, DeFi, decentralized governance, gameand more — with guest experts.

NFT news

  • mint tablethe NFT Marketplace and Mining Platform, has entered into a strategic partnership with monthly paymenta Web3 infrastructure company, to accelerate the global adoption of NFTs as digital assets Immutable X ecosystem, said the press release. “The partnership between Mintable and Moonpay aims to accelerate the process of mainstream adoption of his NFTs through the development of digital and onboarding solutions at Mintable.”
  • DeFi trading platform trader joe We plan to expand Joepegs NFT Marketplace and decentralized exchange BNB chain, said a press release. BNB Chain users can participate in the launch of new NFT collections using the Joepegs NFT Marketplace or trade tokens using the Liquidity AMM Book.

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