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Crypto Execs From OpenSea, Paradigm and Binance — The Information

The dramatic drop in cryptocurrency prices this year has left most parts of the industry intact. As turmoil subsides following a wave of layoffs, reorganizations and bankruptcies, experienced cryptocurrency executives (including those who have just recently taken on new roles) hit the market for new gigs. It has come out.

And despite all the upheaval, they will likely find plenty of opportunities. are still in high demand to help start-ups operate and invest. Meanwhile, some executives who escaped the carnage are calling for a change of pace.

About the latest installments for free agents series, will focus on the crypto industry, focusing on seven former execs from companies like Opensea, Robinhood, and Binance who are poised to make their next big move. Most of the executives on the list have extensive experience outside of crypto, reflecting how young the crypto industry is.

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