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CrossTower partners with Ripple to add NFTs minted on XRP Ledger to its marketplace

Cryptographic trading platform CrossTower today (July 11th) announced a partnership to add non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created with XRP Ledger to the CrossTower NFT Marketplace.

Ripple is one of the leaders in enterprise blockchain and cryptographic solutions. In a statement, CrossTower states that the marketplace will enable developers to quickly participate in NFT projects by giving them access to wallets, payments, liquidity support and more. CrossTower’s NFT Marketplace was built for developers and creators looking for comprehensive services to guide their projects from ideas to realizations.

The statement further stated that fans would benefit from an optimized digital buying experience with the ability to trade NFTs via credit cards and receive assets via an integrated wallet in the XRP ledger.

Kapil Rathi, CEO of Cross Tower, said of the partnership: “We are pleased to partner with Ripple to build a Web3.0 platform on top of XRPL. Ripple’s commitment to building a developer network in India is particularly exciting for CrossTower. It’s a blockchain talent from India. We are working on training. We are looking forward to the growth of the global NFT platform. “

CrossTower extends the marketplace capabilities to support XRPL. This will significantly reduce the cost and barriers to entry for creators who want to create projects on the blockchain that are ideal for large-scale settlement and liquidity of tokenized assets.

CrossTower has so far attracted projects such as Antara and David Bowie World to the market. We also have a pipeline of our first projects on XRPL, which will captivate viewers around the world in the coming weeks.


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