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Crossing the NFT Frontier as a Content Creator

Non-fungible token (NFT) It swept the world in 2021 and became popular with the masses from underground technology known to a small number of people, and was featured extensively at events such as Miami Art Week.

Grit Daily and the Token Society gathered Braunwyn Windham-Burke (OC’s Real Housewives), Victoria Brito (Sneakerhead) and Adam Cohen Aslatei (S’More Date) to discuss why content creators can’t ignore NFTs. In a candid conversation with GD’s own Jordan French, these star creators shared their careers, followers, monetization efforts, and experiences of how NFTs are changing them all. ..

NFTs have become more and more relevant to popular culture and new platforms, making it easier for individuals to create their own NFTs and distribute them directly to their followers, and record labels and other intermediaries have been removed from the equation. .. So far, NFTs have been the focus of attention when associated with names like Beeple and Pak, personalities like Snoop Dogg and Jack Dorsey, or organizations like Time Magazine and Nike.

Next year, we promise to democratize NFTs, bringing a new era for content creators to generate content, interact with fans, and monetize the content they create. Victoria Brito used the musician as an example:

“NFTs for musicians are perfect because they reduce the mediator, the record label, and all the extra money the label spends on the artist. Technically, the artist has to repay it. “

In addition to being a sneaker head, a dancer, model and designer, Victoria has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram and shares his struggles to generate income. When asked about how creators should think about NFTs for success, she said:

“If you forge it, it won’t work. If you’re organic to yourself, it’s half a fight with any kind of nft. As long as you’re real to yourself, you’re you You know the product, and you know yourself, you’re okay. If you’re just focused on “I want to sell the X amount of that NFT” … it will never work. “

Brownwin and Adam also provided important insights into the benefits and potential of NFTs for the creator economy. It goes beyond the world of monetization and digital art.Overall panel Available on Grit Daily’s YouTube channel, it should provide important insights for anyone looking to reach their viewers using NFTs in 2022.

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