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CRIPCO’s first ‘WADE F&F NFT’ to be unveiled on the leading Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden

  • CRIPCO launches its first project ‘WADE Friends & Family’ NFT on the Launchpad of Magic Eden, Solana’s top NFT marketplace.
  • A project that provides members-only benefits while utilizing virtual artists Wade IPIPX (previously line friends) and KB Lee
  • 2,100 memberships have been issued and details can be found on the project website ( Server, Social Media

Seoul, South Korea, August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CRIPCO, a global blockchain and NFT company, has announced the launch of its first project, the “WADE Friends & Family” NFT, on the Magic Eden Launchpad. August 29, 2022and 08:00 PST.

“WADE F&F” is a membership-based NFT project that utilizes virtual artists Wade IPIPX (previously line friends) and KB Lee. Wade, a DJ and producer who loves fashion and music and loves skateboarding and surfing, has been selected as his first virtual model for “SAINT Mxxxxxx (SAINT MICHAEL)”.

A distinctive feature of the “WADE F&F” project is that it is being driven in partnership with Solana’s leading NFT marketplace, Magic Eden.I saw magic eden US$2 billion With trades traded on the secondary market, we collect corporate valuations of US$1.6 billion because of its rapid growth.

The Magic Eden Launchpad, where “WADE F&F” will be launched, will scrutinize all launchpad projects and only accept qualified projects. This is the case with “Okay Bears,” which is currently one of his most successful projects in the Solana NFT space.

“WADE F&F” presents a new and differentiated roadmap and vision as it moves from the recent PFP NFT to a community-based membership NFT project offering benefits such as airdrops and IRL events. It’s unique though.

WADE F&F Membership holders receive exclusive and diverse benefits including exclusive music, NFT airdrops for collectors, invitations to private offline events, pre-orders for collaborative products, and more. Notably, IPX has joined as a key member of CRIPCO’s DAO and strategic business partners, and CRIPCO will continue to showcase IPX’s own IP-based NFTs such as WADE PFP and OOZ & mates.

Members can enjoy real-world and metaverse collaborations with CRIPCO DAO members such as KB LEE, Hiroshi Fujiwara When Edison Chen Also won a Grammy Award James FauntleroyThe “WADE F&F” project is a daring game in the NFT space by transcending the features and benefits of notable Web3 projects such as “PROOF” in the joint NFT space, “RTFKT” in the meta fashion space and “BAYC”. Aim to be a changer. One of the most famous Web3 IPs.

CRIPCO said it will expand the presence of virtual artist WADE from the subculture scene to the NFT space. CRIPCO also announced that “WADE F&F” will lead new trends and changes in fashion and music NFTs, and move beyond IP hype to promote the value of sustainable membership NFTs, thereby achieving our “IP 3.0”. It added that it will achieve the roadmap.

Zhuoxun Yin, COO and co-founder of Magic Eden, commented: Culture allows us to reach new users who can experience the fun and connectivity utility of NFTs.Launching his first IPX/CRIPCO collection on WADE F&F, unlocking a wealth of exciting utilities for NFT collectors I am happy that I can. We offer a suite of IP assets and digital & IRL experiences. ”

A total of 2,100 “WADE F&F NFTs” will be issued August 29 and 8:00 PSTFor details, please refer to the project website (, Discord servers, and social media.

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CRIPCO is SingaporeWe aim to popularize NFTs based on various IPs, and have listed our native token “IP3 Token” on the FTX exchange. July 8, 2022Investors and partners include FTX Ventures and SOLANA Ventures. CRIPCO’s governance is based on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which oversees all business-critical decisions, from IP screening to his IP-based NFT projects. CRIPCO DAO is made up of influential members from across industries, including companies from various fields, famous artists, and IPX (formerly IPX). line friends), NAVER Z (ZEPETO), Marciano MMG, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Edison ChenKB LEE, James FauntleroyIn addition to attracting investment from global blockchain venture capital and major fashion platforms, CRIPCO has secured partnerships with companies in the blockchain industry and built an ecosystem to realize its vision of “IP 3.0 Hub” doing. You can read more about CRIPCO here.

About Magical Eden

Magic Eden is the leading community-centric NFT marketplace driving the next billion users to Web3. Led by a former leader in crypto, technology and hospitality, Magic Eden builds a user-friendly platform leveraging market-leading minting and trading solutions. Magic Eden brings a dynamic cultural moment to the blockchain, allowing thousands of digital His community users to create, discover and collect their own NFTs. For more information, please visit

about IPX (FKA. line friends)

IPX is the new company name of line friendsis a global character brand that started with original characters such as BROWN and CONY as stamps for LINE, a major mobile messenger app with 200 million active users worldwide. IPX announced itself as a “Digital IP Platform” company to enter the Digital IP-based Metaverse and his NFT business.

IPX unveils its IP 3.0 vision to allow anyone to create, own and monetize IP, a new IP generator platform that allows users to create their own personal character IP for use in the Metaverse and NFT services “FRENZ” was announced. IPX is expanding its Metaverse and NFT business and expertise through strategic partnerships with various companies, as well as its digital IP “OOZ & mates” and virtual artist “WADE”.

On the other hand, IPX has created popular IPs such as ‘BT21’ (BTS) and expanded its boundaries to include virtual influencers. In addition, IPX is expanding its IP-based business by partnering with global companies such as Netflix (original anime series), SUPERCELL (Brostar), and NEXON (KartRider).

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