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Creatd’s OG Subsidiary Announces First-Ever Generative NFT Drop

  • OG Gallery’s new collection will be released next week and you can preview it today
  • The new Generative NFT Drop contains 1,000 unique images and can be minted on the OG Gallery site for $0.02. ethereum start from Thursday, December 15th and 12:00 PM ET
  • The OG Gallery offers exclusive benefits to digital asset owners, including unique framed art prints, early access to future drops, and member merchandise.

New York, December 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Creatd, Inc. (OTCQB: CRTD) (“Creatd” or “Company”), the parent company of OG Gallery, today announced its largest NFT art drop to date. A new generative NFT drop contains 1,000 unique images of him from the OG gallery. The OG Gallery was founded to create new digital and physical art from the valuable archival material of our OG collection, forming an innovative avenue of NFT and fine art. Together with collectors.Each NFT can be minted at 0.02 ethereum Above OG gallery Sites starting with December 15, 2022 and 12:00 PM ETThe collection is available for preview starting today.

Earlier this week, we took approximately 25% of our OG collection $2.5 million.

Generative Drop evokes the experience of physically exploring the collection’s treasure trove of negatives, photographs, archival papers and artifacts. Included in the 1,000-piece drop, each NFT is one of the rare images in the OG collection, along with additional archival elements such as stamps, acid-free folders, and paper clips that evoke the archival processes used to store and share materials. are combined. These details authenticate the media library, offer hints to the original life, and reveal how Guccione’s artistic eye influenced his work. The NFT works included in the drop are algorithmically generated, combining different characteristics across multiple categories to create new works that are as unique as the original film photography that inspired them.

NFT holder benefits:
As part of its offering to NFT holders, OG Gallery will implement NFT-based memberships to grant exclusive benefits to holders of these digital assets.

  • Framed print of your very own NFT artwork
  • Early access to future drops
  • OG gallery member goods
  • VIP access to OG Gallery in Decentraland

Comments to Creatd CEO and Chairman Jeremy Frommer“Guccione was, first and foremost, an innovator. With the OG Gallery, especially today’s important NFT drop, we encourage collectors to champion free expression, foster creative innovation and celebrate artistry. .”

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