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“Coronation”, NFT listed on OpenSea sold at 2.5 ETH | Taiwan News

Hong Kong SAR- Media outreach -December 14, 2021-The digital illustration “Coronation” created by A_Moore to mock the Summit for Democracy sells for 2.5 ETH ($ 10,017 on December 12) at OpenSea, the largest NFT market. it was done.He may have been inspired by the author Alan Moore V Forvendetta..

“Coronation” follows the composition of the famous painting “The School of Athens” (completed from 1510 to 1511)). Raphael used the “Athens Academy” to embody the humanitarian and liberalism of the Renaissance. And this famous work also represents Raphael’s admiration for ancient Greek culture.

The “Coronation” is a good representation of Raphael’s “The School of Athens”. The entire work uses a one-point perspective configuration. To emphasize the theme, the character is in the center of the picture and the torch is held high, so the reader’s first attention is focused on the center of the picture. The Athens building, built thousands of years ago, is at the top of the photo. On the horizon of the photo, there are several groups of interactive people depicted on either side of the central figure, some talking about something, some observing something, and some people. Seems to have something and express something blue flag. The people in each group are not only established independently from all directions of photography, but also fully interact with each other.

Accurate application of perspective, beautiful and clear structure, skillful control of spatial sensations, clear priorities of frames, all of these excellent skills have brought people an unparalleled visual experience. On the other side of the photo is a modern society full of riots. The difference between the top and bottom of this photo creates a contrast between the times of Millennium history. And the sharp contrast also had a big impact on the character’s interaction …

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are irreplaceable files on the blockchain that can verify ownership of your digital art work. Buyers typically have limited rights to view the digital artwork they represent. In March of this year, an NFT created by Mike Winkelmann (known as Beeple) was sold at Christie’s for $ 69 million. OpenSea has a market share of over 90% and is at the top of the NFC market.

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