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Cool Cats to Rebrand with a New Strategic Direction

Cool Cats, a popular NFT collection, is moving into a new era with plans to rebrand the project with the help of a new strategic direction.

Cool Cats’ new vision is to “be the leading entertainment brand that celebrates cool through community-centered storytelling and innovation.”

cool cat hold A town hall for community members who revealed some ideas that align with new narrative content centered around the project’s protagonist, Blue Cat.

Cool Cats co-founder and creative director Colin “Clone” Egan said:

Cool Cats aims to reach 1 million owners over the next 5 years through first-hand experiences, games, customizable collectibles, physical and digital goods, and community-focused storytelling NFTs , hopes to attract mainstream consumers.

Cool Cats offers a new feature called “Cool Score” that allows users to monitor, rate and receive rewards for their participation in the Cool Cats community.

A soft staking mechanism for Cats and Pets on Cooltopia, Cool Cats’ gamified NFT environment, is also introduced by the company along with its gamified storytelling effort, “Journeys.” As a result, teams can give their most active holders stronger attributes, digital and real world incentives, and more.

Members can collect dynamic NFTs called “Fracture” NFTs to explore Cooltopia and unlock new levels in the Cool Cats story. Dynamic NFTs will be developed as Bearer explores his Cooltopia further.

The Fracture NFT will be airdropped to the current Cool Cats owner after the company’s city hall details the project’s new path. This is the mint pass for his upcoming NFT release, used in “Journey” to qualify for rare traits.

The next game to be revealed in the coming months was also hinted at by Cool Cats at City Hall.

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Cool Cats and Ledger jointly created Ledger Quest. Ledger Quest is a co-branded educational program that launched earlier this month to help communities learn how to keep their property safer.

Cool Cats plans to release a new NFT called “Explorers” later this year. “Explorer” offers full-body modifications, is chain-agnostic, and compatible with various platforms, but these features are subject to change.

Hologram has been selected as a Cool Cats partner. Through holographic technology and 3D avatars, holograms allow Cool Cats holders to experience Cool Cats NFTs. The partnership between Macy’s and Cool Cats was another interesting announcement of his.

Jarvis, Head of Product at Cool Cats, said: In the second season, we’re using Journeys to give the community some control over their stories and narratives. ”

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