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Controversial Qantas NFT Raises Big Ethical Question

Qantas has abolished its own NFT. The airline teased the news an hour ago (at the time of writing) on ​​Twitter, stating that “a new way to own part of Qantas’ history is underway.”

Qantas added: About updates leading up to the release. ”

Australia’s leading airlines said on their website: A new set of digital art collections is being prepared for release as a non-fungible token (NFT). ”

Qantas did not say exactly when the NFT will be released (although it said it would be “mid-year”), but it did explain how the NFT works.

“Using blockchain technology, each piece of digital artwork will be able to buy, own, collect and sell its own tokens,” said Qantas.

“The first buyers of the world’s first Qantas NFT will be able to earn Qantas points ^, and more exciting future benefits are underway for Qantas NFT holders.”

Those interested in participating in NFT actions are encouraged to register for details and updates prior to the mid-year release.

Image credit: Qantas

The opinion of the history-making Qantas NFT has so far been negatively rated on Twitter. The comment was rolled in as follows: Which Arsehat decided this was a good thing? And “Wow, you really like to make your CO2 emissions flexible” (another wrote: “Thousands after getting billions of Australian taxpayer subsidies.” Make a Qantas nft to fire a worker. “).

Many of the complaints focused on the environmental impact of NFTs.

At the time of this writing, there aren’t any positive comments on the announcement’s Twitter thread yet (but to be fair, it doesn’t last long, and Twitter is usually a negative barometer of public opinion).

Nonetheless, it raises major ethical issues for both airlines (and their “buy back” approach to emissions) and the broader crypto industry. Is this the price of progress, or is it one step too far?Even Tesla, famous for both the attitude of the founder Messiaen and environmental protection, discovered it. Things that are difficult to work on

Qantas’s mid-year NFT release is still inadequate, so it’s possible that airlines have some carbon emission offset system to support NFTs. Therefore, I will keep an eye on it.

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