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Contemporary Art meets NFT – EIN Presswire

Nft invitation

Galleria Ca’ d’Oro Meets NFT World

New York, NY, USA, December 4, 2022 /EIN — Yes, NFTs!
Arte Classica Meets NFT
Kadoro’s Galleria meets the Metaverse

The art world has new frontiers to discover. NFTs. Non-fungible token. You’ve probably heard of it. Owner of ‘Galleria Ca d’Oro’, Gloria Porcella was one of the first to present and promote this exciting art form in New York and was the first in history to launch an NFT exhibition. art in her gallery.

Galleria Cadoro, located at 179 10th Avenue in downtown Chelsea, NY, will host the show at a special, invitation-only event. The first show starts at 6pm on his December 8th. Yes NFT events are Own Each piece displayed within the gallery is available on the platform. Founded by Daniel Leinfelder and Ryan Holt, the Possess Platform is a marketplace where customers can browse and acquire exclusive 1:1 contemporary art NFTs. A digital certificate of authenticity, an NFT is unique and exclusive. Verified ownership is permanently recorded on the blockchain.

Galleria Ca d’Oro works with Possess to showcase this new art form and help people navigate these new waters from person to person. The Gallery offers a unique experience to celebrate and reveal NFTs. The first show brings together four of her very diverse NFT artists. We are confident that this show will inspire both artists and collectors.

Participants are:
Salustiano is famous for his graceful portraits. His NFTs collection is dedicated to children, giving voice and attention to those who know cruelty. Nothing destroys society and civilization more than harming children. 50% of his profits will be donated to UNICEF to combat child soldiers being used as war material around the world.

“Underwater Chrysalis” NFT talks about transformation. From that moment on, we voluntarily withdraw into ourselves before flowering and do our best. One in the cocoon itself, and another “intramarine” in the water. As if it were nutritious, friendly, protective, magical and most of all,
Quiet amniotic fluid. The silence that gives us direction and that comes when we hold our breath and immerse ourselves in what matters in life.

Alessia Moccia Produced the collection “Euphoria NFT”. She is a cutting-edge, futuristic her NFT photographer who blends cosmic visions with reality. She creates panoramas of expressive images from precise choices that subvert reality and defy formalism. She contributes to the dynamic genre of street photography with her dreamlike vision of galaxies merging into cities. Every time she creates her new collection, there is a cathartic feeling of new ideas and you realize that something is changing, it is called escapism.

Reflecting spirituality and dynamism, Yul Vazquez brings his love of Cuban origin to life. He shares a rich history of Afro-Caribbean religions and an exposure to the occult, cryptic signs and mystical symbols. Mark Barrett is a New York legend, as director of Andy Warhol’s Interview his magazine and his art of Andy Warhol’s television. He recently joined the world of NFTs and conceptually gave us a glimpse into his other world as an architect. This piece from his ongoing series Architectural Tales, The Tree House, is an extreme expression of his sustainability and green living experience. His work is exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art. He is the winner of the prestigious Prix de Rome. Bringing together four of our favorite artists, Galleria Ca’d’Oro will sell artwork via his NFT mechanism. Digital art collectors enter the market, creating a whole new opportunity to collect physical artwork purchased on blockchain.

Digital Art is exposed to avant-garde displays by MetroClick to create a new brand focused on sophisticated NFT display solutions that display NFTs elegantly and efficiently.

We want to give the NFT community a voice. I want as many people as possible to be on stage. I want to improve the user interface.

Follow @galleriacadoro on IG for the latest updates.

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