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ClubRare, a NFT Marketplace for Physical Collectibles, Launches Airdrop for OpenSea Users

ClubRare is building a physical NFT marketplace with a more sustainable token economy. ClubRare is built around MPWR, a utility token for ClubRare. It is used to reward users on the platform and attract existing users from OpenSea.

ClubRare Is conducting a vampire attack from May 30th to June 24th by airdropping MPWR tokens to OpenSea users.

ClubRare is a community-owned physical NFT marketplace that allows users to trade limited editions or rare digital collections in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). ClubRare is a Web3 project aimed at empowering e-commerce individuals. It started with the idea of ​​the need to connect the world of the Metaverse with the physical world. A well-connected universe between the Metaverse and the real world has the potential to address the structural problems of the Web 2 industry.

Vampire attacks are a strategy in which one project offers a better rate than another and tries to steal other customers and investors.

ClubRare started with the premise that the driving force of the e-commerce industry is individuals, such as sellers and buyers, rather than intermediaries. Therefore, one of the core structures of ClubRare is to distribute its benefits to individuals.

ClubRare aims to be a comprehensive Token Economy-based project that empowers areas of innovation not possible with competitors LooksRare and X2Y2. LookRare’s transaction volume has grown enough to exceed OpenSea’s volume in a short period of time, but the underlying token economy and development team’s token dumping practices have disrupted the community. Along with this, there are restrictions such as degeneration to the platform mainly used by a small number of whale traders.

Therefore, ClubRare was born to complement this. Due to the nature of its private funds, ClubRare has adopted a sustainable reward structure that prohibits dumping of tokens and provides both trading and listing rewards. However, these rewards will be distributed at a fixed rate for 10 years.

In addition, 60% of ClubRare’s transaction fees will be returned to the community, half of which will be stored in a financial fund for long-term community users. The remaining 40% of transaction fees will be used for development through the Development Fund.

ClubRare believes that having a regular revenue model will promote the healthy growth of the project and prevent token dumping. Users who buy or sell NFTs from eligible collections can earn native utility tokens called MPWR tokens.

ClubRare will airdrop MPWR tokens to OpenSea users from May 30th to June 24th. This is called a Vampire Attack. During the Vampire Attack, ClubRare will launch a digital NFT marketplace in May and a physical NFT marketplace in June. Unclaimed tokens will be redistributed into the reward pool.

The marketplace wants to attract the current large consumers of NFTs who are currently using OpenSea by having these individuals charge MPWR tokens for free. Eligibility to claim airdrops is available at the following URL:

ClubRare recently completed its Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) on May 5th. Here, 100% of the funds raised were used to supply liquidity to Uniswap’s ETH-MPWR pair. At the same time, organizations need to switch to full-fledged ClubRare launch mode, including attending the June NFT.NYC conference as a platinum sponsor and announcing a public beta that will continue to promote the Open Metaverse Philosophy and Shopping Metaverse. market.

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company name: ClubRare
contact person: Lily You
Email: I send a mail
phone: + 82-10-9659-1180
City: Soul
Country: Korea

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