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City of Miami to Launch 5,000 Ethereum NFTs with TIME, Mastercard, Salesforce

Miami is making NFTs.

Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez shared plans on Thursday Release 5,000 ethereum NFT later this year.Miami is affiliated time Magazine publishers Time USA, Mastercard and Salesforce worked together to make it happen.

of NFTsUnique ownership blockchain tokens are designed by 56 different Miami artists who “represent an area of ​​56 square miles of the city.” city ​​press release.

Time USA will help define the city’s NFT strategy and execute the project, while Mastercard will provide Miami NFT holders with exclusive benefits such as access to special events at restaurants and private cultural tours of the city. increase.

Salesforce manages NFT creation and key sales processes using the new NFT cloud platform, an unreleased Salesforce product that enables brands to create and sell NFTs.

TIME President Keith Grossman, who also joins Salesforces Web3 Advisory Board stated: Decryption Miami’s NFT project being TIMEs First advance to help other entities deploy NFT projects— and hinted that more could be coming soon.

He said the Miami NFT is all about giving owners the ability to unleash a unique experience.

“This artwork will be a reflection of the tremendous diversity represented by the city of Miami,” Grossman added.

like the President of El Salvador Najib Bukele—The passion for Bitcoin is unwavering—Mayor Suarez It seems that some crypto companies have dismissed their staff and are still in the current crypto bear market, where they have filed for bankruptcy.

“We will continue to adopt these new technologies to support existing businesses while attracting new ones,” Suarez said in a statement about cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Suarez’s office has not yet responded DecryptionRequest for comment.

Miami’s Ethereum NFT is set to launch in December after Ethereum transitions to proof-of-stake, but it’s not the city’s first foray into cryptocurrency. Web3Last August, Suarez launched MiamiCoin (MIA), an altcoin that the city can carry in its wallet and be purchased by others.

it generated approx. $8 million According to CoinMarketCap data, the city’s revenue has fallen significantly in just two months, but still marks a shocking 98.9% drop from its all-time high.

Since then, Miami has locked up or bet on most of its MIA, Bitcoin yieldand shared plans to return an unspecified amount of proceeds to Miami residents.

From altcoins to NFTs, Miami won’t give up on cryptocurrencies anytime soon.

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