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Christie’s to Hold Ethereum NFT Auction on OpenSea

To solidify our identity as a place for digital art auctions Christie’s Affiliated with non-fungible tokens (NFT)market place High seas For what Christie’s calls a series of carefully selected auctions starting December 1st.

A collaboration called “Christie’s X OpenSea” is hosted on the OpenSea website, with bids and payments. Ethereum.. To participate in the auction, bidders visit the OpenSea website and bid on the digital art on display.

The collection includes digital by Andre O’Shea, Alpha Centauri Kid, Ash Thorp, Beige, Blake Kathryn, Cyber ​​Kongz, DotPigeon, EtherRock, FriendsWithYou, Fvckrender, GMUNK, Joshua Davis, KESH, Krista Kim, Maciej Kucera, Mad Dog Jones. Contains art. , Tom Sachs, Olive Allen, Oceanworld, Victor Mosquera, WhIsBe, and Recur.

The team that leads the collection curation is responsible for Christie’s digital and online sales. Noah Davisentrepreneur Ronnie PirovinoAnd NFT news and analysis sites NFT Now..

In March 2021, Christie’s sold Beeple’s first NFT, “Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” for a record $ 69 million. Since then, it has continued to hit the NFT market, reporting over $ 100 million. NFT sales last month. Earlier this month, Beeple’s Human oneA moving 3D sculpture, sold at Christie’s for $ 28.9 million.

Christie’s has become a popular place for digital artists to showcase their work, but this is the first time the NFT Marketplace has partnered directly with a series of auction houses. The same is true for well-known partners. According to the Web3 analytics website, OpenSea has become the largest market for digital art with trading volumes of over $ 11 billion since its launch in 2017. DappRadar..

“This collaboration boldly brings Christie’s brand into the blockchain,” Davis said in a press release. “Collaboration with OpenSea allows us to combine expert curation and top-notch history with the convenience of decentralization.”

From December 1st to 3rd, potential buyers will be able to browse the NFT collection. Public bidding will take place from December 4th to 7th.

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