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Chingari launches first-ever video NFT marketplace Creator Cuts

Chingari, an on-chain social app, launched Creator Cuts, the world’s first video NFT marketplace, on Tuesday. Marquee videos from Chingari’s top creators will be created as video NFTs under the new service. Additionally, the purchaser holding these NFTs may receive in Gully his 10% of the daily income earned by the creator for the engagement received on the Chingari application videos.

In its statement, Chingari highlighted these buyers NFTs Receive 10% of daily earnings on Chingari earned by creators for engagement received on videos in the Chingari app. Every video has its own price assigned according to the creator’s activity on the Chingari app. These NFTs can be purchased by anyone (Chingari users/non-users).

Sumit Ghosh, Co-Founder and CEO of Chingari and GARI Tokens, said: We believe in the immense potential of the Creator Economy and are committed to its growth and democratization around the world. spectrum.”

“To this end, we are constantly innovating and creating our own programs and offerings that are at the cross-section of popular culture, ecosystem growth, and our business priorities,” said Ghosh.

Not only does Creator Cuts provide unique financial and community engagement opportunities for creators, but it also allows the community to connect with their favorite creators by owning their own works of art, allowing them to earn financial profits from the same. can also be pulled out. .

“The introduction of Creator Cuts is one of our unique initiatives that allows creators and communities to not only form a deeper connection, but truly grow together,” said Ghosh.

Chingari, powered by GARI, is the world’s fastest growing on-chain social app, launched in 2018. Among the top 20 most downloaded apps in the world, Chingari’s eclectic platform has entertained over 130 million users and witnessed his over 5 million videos in over 15 languages. increase. daily active users.

Chingari’s native token, GARI, allows short-form video creators to monetize their content on the blockchain using the GARI token. The Gari token has received great enthusiasm from the community, with almost 1.1 million of his GARI holders in just 6 months of its launch in record time.

With this growth rate, Chingari expects GARI to reach 1 million active wallet users in the next three months. The GARI token has become the top two projects by number of holders on the Solana blockchain.

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