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Channel Tres Drops Music NFT Collection With 5550 Songs On OpenSea By DailyCoin

Channel Tres Drops 5550 Songs Music NFT Collection On OpenSea

NFT artist omgkirby has teamed up with rapper and producer Channel Tres to bring you a unique music NFT collection of 5550 songs. The grand launch will take place on his September 22nd, 2022. Compton-born singer and songwriter Sheldon Young, known as Channel Tres, is best known for his hit single “Topdown.” Now fans of music and his NFTs can look forward to this unique collection of music NFTs.

Early Bird Gets Worms And Discounts

Interestingly, the NFT mining schedule has a 6-hour gap between public mints and dedicated NFT holder mints, and the cost is also lower. For example, holders of the OMG Genesis NFT will be offered first and will only pay 0.045 ETH (), which translates to approximately $60. A 1:1 limit is set for genesis token NFTs.

Two hours later on September 22nd, 2022 at 8pm, OMG PFP owners will be able to mint Channel Tres NFTs. The minting process will surprise NFT enthusiasts at $87, or 0.065 ETH (Ethereum). Last but not least, OMG Kirby and Channel Tres friends and family can build his NFT at his 10:00 two hours before the public minting event.

5500 songs commercially available on NFT

The omgkirby x Channel Tres NFT collection is packed with hits produced and performed by Channel Tres. In addition, NFT owners can also use it commercially. For example, NFT Enthusiasts have the legal right to upload purchased tracks to Spotify (NYSE:), YouTube, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, or any other music streaming platform that pays royalties.

Of course, music NFTs can be used for your own creativity: podcasts, YouTube channel intros, and even TV shows. Similarly, actor Seth Green intended to use the Lost and Found Bored Ape.

Ultimately, as an OpenSea spokesperson put it, “history will be made” on September 22, 2022. The first-ever primary ETH (Ethereum) NFT drop will take place all day with established artists other than his omgkirby in digital art. NFT worlds like Hypemoon and fxnction are also dropping his NFT collection.

on the flipside

  • OpenSea, the most popular NFT marketplace, has seen a 20.62% drop in total sales since last month.

why you should care

The upcoming Channel Tres x omgkirby NFT collection offers fans cutting-edge technology. Distribution of songs via NFTs, including commercial licenses, could set a new trend in the music industry.

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