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Celebrity Artist Behind Gay Aliens Society NFT Project’s Top Miami Restaurant Picks

Seismic changes in the art world have created irreplaceable tokens, more easily known as NFTs. Just over the past year, sales have created a market worth over $ 17 billion.

Enter the celebrity interdisciplinary artist Tima Marso. With a strong portfolio of paintings, digital art, photography and even modeling, Miami-based Marso is now expanding beyond the comfort zone to the world of NFTs. His latest art has stepped away from his traditional paintings into this exciting new world of digital art in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a highly hyped collection. Gay Alien Society NFT Project..

Marso’s project collection is a unique and colorful alien with style. Each alien begins as an undressed body, randomly selected from the 20 basic bodies designed by Marso. The aliens are then dressed, decorated and assigned constellations.

Marso, who started his career in Eastern Europe, now lives and works in Miami. In recent months he has signed a contract with to launch the Gay Aliens Society NFT project. Archstone Entertainment will develop a television series called “Gay Aliens in Metaverse” based on the avatars created for NFT Drops. Altar, Inc. creates augmented reality platforms and metaverse wearables.

“It’s still a shock to me,” says Marso about his success. “Sometimes I can’t believe it. But it’s a great opportunity. It’s great to be here and do all these beautiful things.”

Marso is currently focusing on a partnership with and is working on a Gay AliensSociety NFT project whose roadmap includes TV shows, augmented reality platforms and Metaverse presence. While justifying the world of digital art is done on virtual platforms and social media, Marso is also very proud to meet with collectors and fans in person.

Thanks to Marso’s international roots, he enjoys introducing food from around the world to business associates and friends. Many can be found in trendy South Florida restaurants.

Here’s a recommendation from artist Tima Marso at a hotspot in Miami.

Zuma Miami

The coolest meeting place in the city is Zuma Miami, in the heart of downtown. Chef Reiner Becker’s acclaimed modern Japanese izakaya meals highlight the bold taste and appetizing menu of fine ingredients. Many dishes are intended to be shared at the table and will always be fun for groups of adventurous people.

Popular specialty sushi includes sushi made with salmon rice balls, Wagyu warship Wagyu beef, radish, and fresh black truffles. Maki sushi includes sake, avocado rolls, salmon avocado rolls, tenkasu, and chopped wasabi. Flyer rolls and salmon, tuna, sea bass, yellowtail and avocado, yuzu pepper mayonnaise. Blue crab on a dynamite spider roll with soft shell crab, chili and wasabi tobiko mayonnaise. The restaurant offers two types of omakase for two or more people and offers a wide selection of the best fish of the day.


Another impressive place to take clients to a brief lunch meeting is KUSH, especially if you’re looking at innovation. The wall is surrounded by works of art created by top local artists. The art-filled gastropub offers a list of homemade dishes and eclectic craft beers. KUSH’s beer menu includes 18 taps, 1 nitro taps, a list of aged and reserve bottles, as well as a limited selection of low volume wines.

Patronage savors the best creative burgers in towns like Miami Blues with Dana Blue Cheese, Lettuce, Red Onions, Bacon and Ketchup. My childhood dream with American cheese, bacon candy on freshly baked glossy donuts. Cush frita with guava jelly, potato sticks, bacon, Swiss cheese and house local sauce.

Tuscany Divino

For special meetings that require intense negotiations, Marso reserves a table in the elegant Tuscan Divino. Guests can enjoy beautiful views of Miami’s Brickell district while enjoying contemporary Tuscan fine dining with their clients. The fine dining experience is exciting with every serving of the à la carte menu. Start with a salad or appetizer, a green bean salad with red wine vinegar dressing from almonds and fresh Eshalot, or a burrata caprese with local airroom tomato and basil air.

Popular main courses include pasture-grown organic chicken breast and forest mushroom truffle sauce. 14 oz ribeye from Painted Hills Farm in red wine sauce. For those who want to share, you can opt for a spectacular Fiorentina steak with a classic 40-ounce T-bone steak with smoked potato puree, kale and canelini beans.

The menu also includes impressive pasta such as poached eggs, croutons and Pappa al pomodoro with traditional tomato stew with Grana Padano air. Homemade black seafood spaghetti with shrimp, squid, octopus, tomatoes and bottarga. Risotto Aifungi and Akkalero rice, forest mushrooms, black truffles.


For a more casual business lunch meeting with a twist, try authentic food at Momiramen. A Japanese restaurant that serves homemade yakisoba every day, easily known by residents as the best ramen in the city. The contemporary brick-walled restaurant also has a great bar and lounge area. Remember only that cash. The menu has five ramen options: pork belly char siu, shrimp, chicken, mushrooms and oxtail.

Pura vida

And if you need to meet for a healthy eating business gathering, the perfect place in South Florida is Pura Vida in Edgewater. This couple-owned facility ranges from superfood smoothies and juices to popular bowls of organic egg-filled fire eggs, quinoa, avocado, crushed feta cheese, spinach, onions, and spicy soy ginger-filled red pepper. Offers delicious food. Or vegan lentils with adasha, algra, quinoa, avocado, sprouts, radishes, pickled cabbage, carrots and sunflower seeds with green tahini.


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