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Can Dogeliens NFT Collection Skyrocket Into The Stratosphere, Or The Stellar Ethereum’s Goblin Town Collectibles Outshine Its Competition?

The NFT market is going through a rough patch, to say the least. The price of everyone’s favorite his JPEG plummeted almost past the lower bound. This again emphasizes why price floors exist in the first place. And while the entire market contemplates what the next prestigious collection will look like, we may have an answer for you.

Join us for today’s editorial to explore two NFT collectibles: Goblin Town and Dogilean. Both collections have considerable similarities, but they also differ in certain aspects. After this article, we will decide which NFTs will dominate and which will be destined for oblivion. Let’s dive in.

Goblin Town: NFT Punk Rock

By all accounts, this was a highly divisive collection for the industry. A unique collection that has reached an unprecedented following. First of all, the crypto world was shocked simply because this collection has no whitelists, ads or even copyright whatsoever. Goblin Town NFTs can be repurposed at the owner’s direction instead of being monitored. Besides, these Ethereum-powered NFTs of his were free to create, except for the obvious gas fee, but that was it.

Naturally, many wanted an explanation as to why the collection, which didn’t even have a website at the time, suddenly became a Twitter sensation overnight. To put it into perspective, it didn’t follow the single rule that made previous NFTs successful. It didn’t resemble any of the cute NFTs out there. However, Goblintown became his most discussed NFT project in late spring 2022 by introducing himself as irrelevant.

Dogealiens: Next Generation Meme Tokens

Despite being a newcomer to crypto blocks, the Dogaliens project is poised to wow its competitors with a very unique value proposition. The project is big in terms of community, but at the end of the day, it’s a meme coin. Nevertheless, a loyal fan base isn’t the only notable feature Dogealiens can offer. First and foremost, this project is meant to spread cryptocurrency adoption, and is there a better way to achieve this goal than through education?

At “Birkington University”, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newbies can learn about blockchain, the metaverse, GameFi and other cryptocurrency fields under its umbrella. But topping the list is his upcoming NFT collection of projects, which will yield 10,000 unique dog Arian avatars. The collection follows the traditional PFP standard where the general theme remains the same, but each avatar has a specific set of traits and features, making each NFT a unique JPEG. Look forward to!


As much as the Goblintown collection was a phenomenon, it burned brightly for a while before fading away and becoming somewhat irrelevant. This is why Dogaliens seems to offer more as NFT collections than just as projects. In fact, it ticks all the necessary boxes that have made other collections soar, so if you’re looking for the next big thing, you might have found it.

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