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Can Bitcoin Miners Replace Global Consensus

This year, an interesting explanation of Bitcoin revealed the physical security provided by the Proof of Work consensus method.This story has evolved from Jason Lowry, U.S. Space Force Officer and U.S. Department of Defense Fellow at MIT, whose full-time job is to study U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Bitcoin. His opinion on this topic is his own and does not represent the Department of Defense’s opinion.

As part of his master’s degree, Lowery will write a dissertation on how Proof of Work miners work. Functionally identical It could be adopted in the role of the military and on behalf of the war in achieving a global consensus on the status quo and chain of freedom and digital property. What is particularly unique in Raleigh’s dissertation is that it fits the evidence of work as an evolution from the biological and physical patterns of the universe and life itself.


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